Kings Of Leon on SNL

Over the weekend, the Southern-rock megastar yarlers Kings Of Leon served as musical guests on Saturday Night Live, where they dutifully banged out “Temple” and “Wait For Me,” two of the songs from their new album Mechanical Bull, without looking especially excited about either of them. As it turns out, performing amidst Christmas decorations is kind of a good look for KoL. Also, in a canny bit of casting, the Followill clan had a quick cameo as the Duck Dynasty clan during an SNL commercial parody for a Guy Fieri Christmas special. Watch the performances and the skit below.

Mechanical Bull is out now on RCA.

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  1. They don’t yarl. Yarl is when you try to make your voice extra deep like you have lockjaw and are imitating Vedder: see Creed, Nickelback.

    Caleb has almost the opposite of a yarl – he sings in his natural voice which is pretty thin.

    He just also has a massive amount of rasp. Is that what you’re confusing with yarl? Totally different.

    This smells to me like a diss on his singing just because he has a dead-sexy, raspy, radio god voice. That kind of diss probably goes over well with fans of lame wimpy whine-singers like Vampire Weekend or Okervill or Justin Timberlake. This is part of the problem in the Self-Consciously Indie World.

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