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Even with all of the dick pics and album leaks and label disputes of 2012, Death Grips never had a more tumultuous year than they did in 2013. It was the year they reached new heights of exposure, after the climb in 2012, and found it not to their liking. This was a year of rejection on the band’s part and confusion on everyone else’s part. We were led on strange internet goose chases, watched avant-garde music videos, and stood baffled staring at empty stages. All this as Death Grips permeated pop culture like never before: We saw them backstage at a Beyoncé concert and get a shout-out on Rachael Ray’s talk show. In their most unpredictable move of the year, they released a stunning new album, Government Plates, and all the frustrations seemed to matter less. In a few years we won’t remember any of the bullshit, and 2013 will just be remembered as the year Death Grips made a really good album and gave it to everyone for free. But here in the present, as the year comes to a close, let’s look back at all the weird shit these guys did. Pull up a chair by the fire, pour out a nice glass of bleach, and let’s begin…

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  1. The year I stopped caring

  2. I think it’s relevant to mention the FYF performance that they did at the end of August after that string of cancellations. They did this show as a three piece and you could tell that it was carefully rehearsed. I feel as though this was a unifying statement by the band in terms of conveying who they are and what they’re capable of. The way the crowd responded to MC Ride’s movements was completely surreal. Best show I saw all year, hands down.

  3. While I don’t think Death Grips deserved a “Year-In” piece, they are the most interesting thing to happen to music in a long while. And “Government Plates” is one of the best albums released all year despite Stereogum’s and Pitchfork’s aversion to listing it.

    • “While I don’t think Death Grips deserved a “Year-In” piece, they are the most interesting thing to happen to music in a long while. And “Government Plates” is one of the best albums released all year” Please explain this.

      • I say Death Grips is interesting because I think it’s interesting to see how punk evolves in an increasingly anti-rockist climate. You gotta admit — Death Grips is probably the punkest thing out there right now in the media. Except for maybe Pussy Riot. And…Yung Lean?

        Death Grips always manages to explore and experiment with their sound and at the same time not having a *sound* at all, at least not one you can categorize them into. Death Grips just sounds like Death Grips, and yet all of their records sound completely different, with the exception of MC Ride yelling.

  4. Was kind of hoping this article would just be a picture of an empty stage.

  5. I was at the Bottom Lounge no-show and it’s kind of strange that everyone is still claiming that the fans got violent and angry. Everyone stood around for like an hour and became increasingly apathetic/confused/drunk and when the venue finally announced the official cancellation most of the people just left. There were maybe a half dozen teenagers who jumped on stage and kicked at the children’s drum set, and they were all kicked off the stage by security within a few minutes. It wasn’t the riot that everyone made it out to be, just a few kids who were upset they didn’t get sufficiently turnt and had to take an earlier train back to the suburbs.

  6. This was such a great read, nicely written and super informative. BUT, there’s something wrong with most of your links: they replicate the URL of this article.

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