Angel Haze - Dirty Gold

Here’s the fuck-the-man version of pulling a BEYONCÉ: The promising young rapper Angel Haze posted her own surprise album this morning, except she didn’t do it as a grand statement of dominance; she’s did it because her label won’t. Haze’s label Island was set to drop her Dirty Gold in March, but she evidently didn’t want to wait that long. So she posted it on Soundcloud earlier this morning, sending out a Tweet saying “Since they don’t want to put it out this year, I will. Here’s the album. HERE IS DIRTY GOLD. I hope you all enjoy it.” The full album, which includes early tracks “Echelon (It’s My Way)” and “A Tribe Called Red,” was almost immediately taken down. Read Haze’s full Twitter blast below.

UPDATE: Looks like the stunt worked…

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  1. Fucking inspiring. I hope more artists choose to cut out the marketing hype-cycle bullshit that precedes an album release, more often than not it just sets expectations too high and creates disappointment.

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    • Yeah except in this case it looks like they told her if she finished the album before the summer, which she apparently did, then they would release the album by the end of the year. They failed to do that so she did it herself. I’m 100% behind her on this one.

      Not to mention March is an awful time to drop a hip-hop album. March is usually when hip-hop releases really start get going. Releasing in March and not have either a bunch of buzz or an amazing project means you’re going to get overlooked soon. Just look how quickly people seemed to forget about King Remembered in Time this past year.

  3. NO LOVE DEEP WEB. She’ll be alright.

  4. Annnnnnnnnd they took it down. crap.

  5. Yup, looks like it didn’t even have time to pop up on filesharing sites. Lame.

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