Daft Punk 2013

Last week, we learned that Daft Punk had been nominated for a potential armload of Grammy awards, including Album Of The Year, the big one. And today, we find out that we’ll get to see those gleaming robot helmets on the show, whether or not the duo win anything. Daft Punk barely every appear on TV, and when they showed up at the VMAs, they were just there to look cool and to hand Taylor Swift an award. Indeed, Daft Punk haven’t performed on TV since the 2008 Grammys, when they appeared in their pyramid and backed up Kanye West on “Stronger.” On next year’s Grammys, though, the duo will perform for real.

We don’t yet know what song, or songs, they’ll perform. But Grammys executive producer Ken Ehrlich tells Rolling Stone that the performance will be “a collaborative and celebratory stage performance that honors their multi-nominated music,” so cross your fingers for Panda Bear or Giorgio Moroder showing up. Talking about the arrangements, Ehrlich says, “We learned that because they had such a good experience with us when they appeared with Kanye in 2008, they were happy to discuss a performance on this year’s show. Conversations took place over a period of a couple of months, and finally they agreed to be a part of this year’s telecast. Details of the performance are still being worked out, but the idea of having the exclusive television performance by this iconic band is something we’re very, very excited about.” Us too!

Daft Punk have yet to play a single live show in support of Random Access Memories, so it’ll be fascinating to see what their live setup even looks like.

Kendrick Lamar will perform too. The Grammys air live on CBS on 1/26

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  1. haha i would love if they brought out panda bear instead of the inevitable pharrell appearance…

    (do it right is the only song i still listen to off of that album)

  2. if they win an award do they say anything or how does that work

  3. With the Grammy’s way of totally effed up collaborations, I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgo the team-ups as heard on the RAM, and put Daft Punk on stage with Melissa Etheridge or Herbie Hancock, for a “once in a lifetime!” event.

  4. Million dollar idea: Start out with Paul Williams playing “Touch”… just him an a piano… then segue into “Get Lucky”. Performance of the year! You’re welcome America!

  5. Most likely, it won’t feature anyone from RAM. Don’t the Grammy’s do a bunch of odd collabs every year? Also anticipating Kendrick’s set and what song he’ll choose to do on live TV.

  6. Before you get excited about Kendrick performing, keep in mind that the geniuses who decide how this show is going to go thought it would be a good idea to throw Imagine fucking Dragons on stage with him.

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