Lana Del Rey - "Young And Beautiful"

Of all the original songs that have appeared in this year’s movies, Lana Del Rey’s “Young And Beautiful,” her contribution to The Great Gatsby, has to be considered one of the most impactful, especially given the role it played in the great love story of our time. And it’s one of the 75 songs on a long list for potential Oscar nomination. But someone does not want “Young And Beautiful” to have its moment onstage, and they’re willing to go to weird and extreme lengths to keep that from happening.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, some anonymous saboteur sent envelopes to members of the Academy’s music selection committee. That envelope had a fake Variety article that claimed “Young And Beautiful” had been disqualified from contention, thanks to some technicality related to the movie’s changed release date. But the article didn’t run in any actual publication, and the song is still eligible. We don’t know who’s attempting to keep the song from getting any awards, but if I were investigating it, I’d look closely at everyone who frequented Stereogum’s comments section in fall 2011.

We all have our own opinions about LDR, but there’s no musician as besotted with old-school Hollywood glamor as her, and there’s something both lovable and inevitable about the idea of her earning herself an Academy Award. When I stop to think about it, it seems like it has to happen.

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  1. It was me.

    P.S. Remove that apostrophe in “movie’s”

  2. The apostrophe belongs. Movie’s changed release date it possessive to the singular film, not a comment on how all movies everywhere have been postponed.

    Unless you were talking about the first “movies,” in which case Stereogum fixed it in the 20 minutes between our comments.

  3. “When I stop to think about it, it seems like it has to happen.”


  4. It was Lady GaGa

  5. Elliott Smith’s ghost? Dude may’ve had to come back and be like ‘I can’t have my award cheapened by this’ (even tho Miss Misery is very low in my picks of his songs).

  6. Someone sabotaged the Oscars by saying that Lana Del Ray had a chance.

    • Keep in mind the Academy gave an Oscar to Juicy J and DJ Paul back in 2005. Although I will say that of the nominee’s they had the superior song.

      The only thing dumber than thinking the Academy has enough taste to ignore Lana’s unwarranted self-importance, is thinking the modern Academy Award selections involve any taste at all.

      P.S. Argo sucked cock.

  7. HAHAHAHAAHA…yeah those were terrible comments on 2011, i also think it has to happen.

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