Iggy Pop Merry Christmas

No, that’s not Fabio — it’s Iggy Pop, and he (along with his swimming pool, a bird, and some puppies) wants to wish you a merry Christmas. That’s really all there is to say about it, so let’s get on with the holiday greeting.

(via Pitchfork)

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  1. That was just creepy.

    • Thank god for Xmas

      Adderall Restored

      -Little Nemo
      (The Land of Wonderful Dreams)

      [Dream one: The Dandy Warhols ]
      Apart of Occupy Wall Street
      Orange X
      Agent One
      Ghost One
      The School of Visual arts Church of Silver tiles Day 1283/8 P.M. nirvana
      West Park Church
      Christopher Greene
      Occupy Republican
      Occupy Fashion
      Occupy Model
      “L” train on ABC
      Its not T.V. its HBO

  2. “Look, I got shit loads of money and I’m not afraid to show it … Oh wait, I forgot, merry christmas and STAY PUNK”.

  3. I feel dirty.

  4. Needs more star wipes.

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