Sky Ferreira & Ariel Pink - "My Molly" video

Earlier tonight, with no advance warning, Sky Ferreira tweeted out a link to a video. She and Ariel Pink have recorded a new version of Pink’s old solo lo-fi track “My Molly,” turning it into an immediate twisted-nerve pop song. And director Grant Singer has made a video for the new version, one in which both Pink and Ferriera look as trash-glam as they’ve ever looked. We don’t know anything about why this exists, or whether there are any plans for any future collaborations between these two. But they sound and look really good together, and Pink’s melodies come through much more clearly when they’re delivered by a singer who’s interested in, and capable of, selling them. Check out the video below.

(via Pitchfork)

Happy Christmas Eve, insomniacs.

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  1. Kinda makes all that other “Year in Molly” stuff really pale by comparison.

    These guys need to start a band – they complete eachother.

    I had a “Got Molly?” shirt a la “Got Milk?” 15 years ago…even before Ariel recorded the original version.

  2. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Sky.

  3. Hopefully this isn’t a one off

  4. i hope this was not the light, its awfowl.. realy bad song, i hope not to take personal or musical, but it really sucks bros

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