Pixies - EP2

Back in September, Pixies released the four-song surprise EP1, their first set of new songs since 1991′s Trompe Le Monde. The new EP did not exactly ignite a whole new wave of Pixiemania, but we at Stereogum did at least like “Indie Cindy.” This morning, they’ve followed it up with another surprise, logically titled EP2. The band recorded these four new songs back in October, working once again with producer Gil Norton. Longtime Pixies cover art guy Vaughan Oliver once again did the art. The EP is available in a bunch of different bundles, ranging from a $4 digital purchase to a $60 version that gets you the download as well as a 10″ vinyl copy and a new hoodie. And the band has also shared a video for the clanging, screeching opener “Blue Eyed Hexe.” It’s a sort of animated collage from director Mount Emult. Check out the video and the EP’s tracklist below.

01 “Blue Eyed Hexe”
02 “Magdalena”
03 “Blues And Greens”
04 “Snake”

You can buy EP2 here.

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  1. And it’s quite good.

  2. This is like post-Pinkerton Weezer all over again, and we haven’t even gotten out of the woods with that.

  3. It sounds like AC/DC. I think they lost an important part of their chemistry with the departure of Kim.

  4. Thinkpiece: Are the Pixies ruining their legacy with this AC/DC crap?

  5. Steady rotation of chick bassists
    A barrage of EP’s that were losing steam before they were even released
    The shaved head
    The black T’s
    Billy Corgan everybody!

  6. I’m reserving judgement. Pixies are arguably the single greatest indie band of all time and these line-up shifts and long lag time are bound to create some disjointed material.

    Saw them on back to back nights 20 + years ago. Headlined at The Warfield in SF and then opened for U2 in Sacramento. That Warfield show was one of my favorite shows of all damn time. Kim was going through Heinekens like they were paying her to do so.

    Let’s sit back and wait for the LP that’s bound to follow. It’s gonna do ‘em proud.

  7. I actually think there are some great ideas in “Blue Eyed Hexe” and that if Black had done his talky-yelly thing it would’ve upped the track from good to very good. Then again, I’m a sucker for his talky-yelly thing.

  8. I like the classic rock riffage. It’s a musical commentary on how they’re a nostalgia act now.

  9. Aleister Crowley and Terry Gilliam collaborated on the video.

  10. I won’t know how I feel about it until Pitchfork’s review.

  11. Please do not enjoy this music. Read the reviews and don’t buy any concert tickets. Whatever you do, don’t buy Pixies concert tickets because they are a worthless, shit band anymore and these EPs are horrid.

    I need a third ticket for the Columbus show and it’s sold out.

  12. I liked it. The riff says AC/DC, but once the vocals kick in it’s like Rolling Stones circa Goat’s Head Soup and It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll.

  13. The pixies2 released ep2?

  14. At least there’s this, the last very last release from the Real Deal Pixies:


  15. Ya’ll people silly. Talking about AC/DC riffs like you never heard or danced to or sang along to U-Mass 20 years ago.

  16. Ya’ll people silly. Talking about AC/DC riffs like you never heard or danced to or sang along to U-Mass 20 years ago.

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