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In 2011, a report from the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center classified juggalos as a “loosely organized hybrid gang,” marking surely the first time an American law enforcement institution has officially named members of a certain music-based subculture as, essentially, criminals. In 2012, ICP, always fiercely protective of their fans, sued the FBI, requesting the the Bureau disclose any documents that it used to make that classification, but the FBI made a motion to dismiss the suit. Now, though, ICP is filing another suit, and they’re teaming up with the American Civil Liberties Union and a few more plaintiffs.

The New York Times reports that the latest lawsuit, filed in a Michigan Federal District Court, claims that the FBI’s classification is an “unwarranted and unlawful decision” that’s already caused “significant harm” to many juggalos. ICP also has included four juggalos from around the country as plaintiffs, and they’ve all claimed to be victims of some sort of discrimination stemming from that FBI report. (One plaintiff, for example, is a Las Vegas truck driver who claims that Tennessee state troopers detained him for displaying an ICP sticker on his truck.)

You don’t have to like ICP’s music to respect their mission here. Juggalos may be an unruly bunch, but it would be a massive stretch to label them as a gang, loosely organized or not. And when one subculture is subject to institutional demonization, the same can happen to any other.

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  1. What about all those listeners of the rap? Surely, they’re all in gangs.

  2. All the obvious (and not so obvious) Juggalo jokes aside, I’m really happy they’re doing this. In the grand scheme of things, the FBI must be curtailed in how (or why) they single out certain groups. Right now it’s just a bunch of fans of a music act, but down the road it could be a nonviolent, pro-progress group centered around some idea deemed “hostile” by the government. As citizens, we cannot allow persecution to be their normal operation.

    And relax, you guys, I vacuumed the doom’s day shelter. Jeez, what are you, like, my mom or something?

  3. Fuckin’ writs of habeas corpus, how do they work?

  4. I am a very proud Juggalette and know many other ‘los and ‘lettes that are Doctors, Lawyers, and on and on. We are no different than Ozzy’s followers (I love alot of his music) or Lady Gaga’s “Monsters”. As far as I see it the F.B.I. Labeling us as a gang instead of a fan or family is like labeling the “Dead Heads” a gang…. loosely organized of course Hehehe.
    I have signed the petition and will do all I can to help the cause , but in the right way. No time for stupid shit right now, this is serious hatchet swinging here. I even try to link these things on my facebook page I run. This is about the American Government trying to run over the little guys

  5. I actually won a free tattoo from a merchandise booth at a free concert in downtown Youngstown towards the middle of my tenth grade year. i wasn’t able to get it until February because i was still too young, so i waited and got a purple and green hatchetman on my ankle.

    Towards the end of my tenth grade year we all had to take our ASVAB’s to determine if we were a good match for the military. I sat down and the guy started asking about tattoos and other things that would prevent us from joining and I asked him about mine, told him it was a band logo, which it was. He took the test off my desk and said “if you want you can go back to class” i asked why and said my class was all taking the test and there was no class for today. he then replied with “i wont tell them if you wont. go to gym or something” and shut the door behind me. Not that i want anything to do with the military, but i was really pissed to be shoved off like that. like i was anything lower than the rest of my 10th grade class…

    • Well the truth is if you have an ICP tattoo then you actually are worth less than the rest of your 10th grade class. I’m just sayin.

      • No it bloody doesn’t, just because you’re letting the world know that you support a certain band doesn’t mean that anything bad is going to come from it. What you’re saying stems from the same logic as the police saying Columbine was caused because people listened to Marilyn Manson. Your half-witted back water thinking is the reason that people are discriminated against. Just because she had a hatchetman on her ankle doesn’t mean that she’s less of a person and doesn’t mean that she’s worth any less. If you honestly want to think like that sure there are things that I could say about you that make you worth less as a human being, but the simple fact is, there is NOTHING that changes the value of a human life, EVERYONE is valued the same, EVERYONE. No one person is any better than anyone else. Get off your high horse and use what small semblance of a brain you have before you go telling people that they’re worth any less than anyone else. Have a good day, I hope you learned something.

  6. Oh, please! If these jesters are not of sound mind, no court will hear their case.

  7. wow justice now a days you can’t trust the law no matter what you do its like you do good for them but they spit right in your face and call you a gang member all cause they gotta badge to me dat badge dont mean shit there then your a cop oooo big deal get your ass on da streets where you belong and take care of da real gang members till then leave us Lettes and Los alone along wit any Juggalo / Juggalette group

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