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Would you like a Coachella? OutKast! The Replacements! Neutral Milk Hotel! Is your favorite band playing? Did you need a magnifying glass to find them on the poster? Jokes aside, I hope you saved your Coinyes ’cause it’s a pretty interesting lineup. Of course mine is a little better (I lied about jokes aside). Lots of great reunited acts on that bill, but not the Walkmen (though they will end their legendary two month hiatus soon) and not the Eurythmics (though they’re back, too). In 2015, we might even get Sleater-Kinney and Clipse. In non-reunion news, this week we launched The Week In Pop, ranked Nick Cave’s discography, and heard from some juggalettes. Your (.gif-free!) list of the best and worst comments is below.



Rob Casper | Jan 7th Score:18

“we had internal discussions at Stereogum as to whether we should post the story”

yet probably zero discussions concerning whether to post anything further about r kelly, apparently

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#9 plb102 | Jan 7th Score:19

How can you lecture people about taking rape lightly and then say this girl should be ashamed of herself for not reporting it right away? Don’t a lot of rapes go unreported? It’s a traumatic experience, a lot of people probably opt to just push it from their memory and try to pretend it never happened. Maybe not the right move but it’s understandable.

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#8 fartbasket | Jan 8th Score:19

The older I get, the smaller the small print looks. Sigh.

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Daniella Cortez Alvarez | Jan 7th Score:21

You are a fucking idiot. I’m sorry I can’t be more diplomatic about this. She told her mother when she was younger and wasn’t believed. What part of that story do you think would have made a victim feel they could report to authorities? That’s assuming her own mother didn’t straight up tell her not to. Which happens A LOT to minors who disclose about sexual assault.

I don’t have to feel pity for an alleged rapist. I feel sorry for the victim here that isn’t being believed and is now having what was probably her worst fear realized: hundreds of slack jawed idiots calling her names on the internet because “OMG she’s crying rape for attention. This happens all the time!”

False allegations are such a slim percentage of reported assaults. The number of rapes that go unreported dwarves the amount that are falsely reported. The reason why SO many rapes go unreported is EXACTLY because of bullshit like you just spouted off. Victims are confused and hurt and scared and ashamed and then rape apologists like you reinforce all those fears that they won’t be believed. Why would they go get poked, prodded, analyzed and interrogated just to be told they were lying? For a lot of victims they simply shut up, shove it down and then years or decades later find the strength to start talking about what happened to them fully knowing they will never see justice.

You are what is wrong with this world. You are the embodiment of rape culture. How fucking dare you.

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Sharod K. Moffett | Jan 8th Score:22

Fuck Muse.

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Nathan Christensen | Jan 7th Score:23

“If she was truly raped, she should have gone to the authorities immediately after it happened.”

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José Marques | Jan 7th Score:25

“we had internal discussions at Stereogum as to whether we should post the story. But this one, in particular, has virtually no middle ground to it(…)”

So don’t post it…

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#3 almotasim | Jan 7th Score:26

“but Oberst will almost certainly never be able to prove his own innocence either.”

WHAAATTT? Innocence has to be proven now??????

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Derrick Rasmussen | Jan 7th Score:27

I always get depressed by social media/comment section responses to these sorts of rape allegations. As a lot of people have stated, there’s likely no real middle ground here – either one of the parties is a rapist, or one of the parties is a liar. But I just feel like when there’s a notable lack of evidence that gives credence to either party’s account of what happened, people are way too quick to grasp at straws in order to build up one side. Corroborating that Connor Oberst has a middle school teacher for a brother, or noting that the alleged victim took down some of her posts, don’t really do a whole lot to bolster either’s case.

I’ve got no problem with speculation when you’re dealing with something fun like album release dates or pro sports trades, but when you’re dealing a powder keg like an alleged rape, I think you’ve got to be a bit more sensitive. Either a victim is going to live her whole life knowing that she was seriously hurt by someone who will likely never face any sort of legal or financial penalty, or an innocent man is gonna get dogged his whole career for something he never did. I feel like the the least I can do for the innocent party is not play the part of public opinion judge.

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#1 the sopranos finale | Jan 9th Score:34

I think they made a critical error by counting on all the people who liked Foster the People to remember Foster the People.

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Scott Gallagher | Jan 7th Score:-18

I agree! Whoever gave the okay on this article, know that you have turned a random blog (that has absolutely NO credibility and even less after they have removed some of their posts) into what could turn out to be a scandal. It is going to do nothing but harm to Mr. Oberst.

As a member of the media, you are responsible for posting truth on the internet and not drumming up BS for the sake of the amount of hits you get.

I hope Mr. Oberst takes you to court and sues you for every penny you have…or at the very least, the person responsible for this drivel is fired.

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Scott Gallagher | Jan 7th Score:-20

*Your comment has been downgraded by two Stereogum employees.*

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Scott Gallagher | Jan 7th Score:-20

It this kind of idiot thinking that would believe that some random “girl” on a website would post that Conner raped her.

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Scott Gallagher | Jan 7th Score:-20

Thank you! A voice of reason! Sure it could have happened, but most likely, it’s some disgruntled person who is discrediting Conner by making up a story about rape. Most likely a male who has no idea the complexities of his attack.

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Scott Gallagher | Jan 7th Score:-38

Anyone making light of this story, needs to shut their mouth. This is not something to joke about or take lightly. Rape is not funny. People lying about rape for attention, belittles all those who are truly raped. Whether you like Conor’s music or Conner himself, you have to feel pity for people making faulty accusations, because even if they are NOT true, it stays with you for your whole career.

This girl should be ashamed of herself for using rape as a way to get attention. If she was truly raped, she should have gone to the authorities immediately after it happened. Not, wait for 10 years and then post it anonymously on a website.

What the hell is wrong with people?

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HartfordTheWhale | Jan 6th Score:4

Hosted Carrie at an event last year – she was just as charming as you’d expect her to be. I wish I’d had more time to talk music with her, because god knows my musical knowledge and impeccable taste would’ve made us instant best friends for life, but I did cheers a glass of bourbon with her and John Hodgman before hopping in a limo with them, so there’s that.

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  1. Scott Gallagher! Congrats on your super scummy clean sweep!

  2. Oh sh-t, Scott threw shade at Perfect Pussy. Guess we shan’t expect much positive coverage of them in the coming year.

  3. Scotty G coming out of nowhere for that dirty sweep.

  4. Damn, remind me to never joke about rape.

  5. Dat sweep. I actually feel dirty after finding out he called my comment disagreeing with him “a voice of reason.” Jesus.

  6. In other news, did you hear Trust’s new one? Awesome……

  7. Oh man, heavy commenting this week.

    On a lighter note, I’ve listened to George Michael’s “Faith” album about five (5) times this week. It really has aged well, in case anyone doubted that.

  8. I would comment seriously, but all my serious comments get about 2 downvotes. I would be ok with this if I had a ridiculous number of downvotes like 38, but this is just insultingly mediocre. So screw giving my musical opinion. I’m just going to say random stuff from now on.

  9. So, go Seahawks?

  10. Discussion:

    Ever since this whole “emo revival” thing became a thing in the indie press again, I’m noticing that a lot of the albums just aren’t living up to expectations. For example, I really enjoyed the first two singles off the new You Blew It! album and was expecting it to be an album on par with the Get Up Kids at their prime, but then I give the thing a few spins, and each time, I found myself less and less pleased and not into what I was hearing outside of the preview tracks. The fact that it’s a derivative genre to begin with makes it more difficult to find something new about what these bands are doing.

    It’s hit me that I should remind myself more often that during its first time around, this was a common occurrence as well. There was a reason why I could count the number of emo-ish bands I liked on less than two hands. We loved those bands to death granted to the point we would only listen to those 8 or 9 bands, but even so, it wasn’t like all of them were coming out with year-end list-worthy releases. We were listening to Saves the Day albums on repeat that were already 3 years old.

    I feel guilty about this. Like I’ve betrayed an old friend or something.

    • almost like you raped him. (ok, i’ll stop now. i’m probably the embodiment of rape culture by now.)

    • You shouldn’t expect anything to be on par with GUK at their prime. That is unfair to your brain and to You Blew It. They are a solid band but GUK are legends of that specific scene and sound. I just listened to the WTF Podcast with Father John Misty and he said he spent his 22nd birthday in his room sobbing because Brian Wilson was 22 when he made Pet Sounds. A lot of the more recent emo stuff is great but it’s not gonna hit you on the same emotional level as you in 1999-2003.

    • I haven’t found a new emo band I’m excited about either. I loved the 94-99 era religiously. Sometimes I worry I’ll never be as passionate about music as I was about that music then.

  11. Can we please talk about this series of images posted on Real Estate’s instagram? They’ve been counting down since January 1st and just got to one today. I have high hopes for an album tomorrow. Also this

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