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Singer/keyboardist Christine McVie was always a massively important part of Fleetwood Mac, both as a singer and a songwriter. She retired from the band in 1998, but she reunited with them onstage in London last September, and everyone seemed really happy with how it went. So maybe it shouldn’t surprise anyone that McVie is planning on rejoining the band on a full-time basis. As Pitchfork reports, Fleetwood Mac played a show in Hawaii Saturday night, and drummer Mick Fleetwood told the crowd, “This is the worst-kept secret there is, but Christine McVie will be rejoining Fleetwood Mac.” So that’s another reason to start scraping together pennies for the next time the Fleetwood Mac tour rolls through your town, since those tickets won’t be cheap.

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  1. If there’s a ‘Rick Rubin/Anton Corbijn Classic Artist Makeover’ for live performances, Fleetwood Mac should do that. I saw their show in 2003 and the music was great, but the show was corny as hell.

  2. once again thank god Christine has come to the rescue,fleetwood mac, has been nothing but buchingham/nicks, since Christine has left the band, maybe now again the majic will prevail. Fleetwood mac has the potentetial,to create the best album since, rumors,well maybe not rumors but certainly,much better than leys say[ TANGO IN THE NIGHT] and that album, to me was there last best,but BEHIND THE MASK was also good.fleetwood mac, is only Buckingham/nicks,with fantastic back up mac! COME ON NOW FLEETWOOD MAC, HAVE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR A LONG TIME, I NO U CAN DO IT!!!! MAKE THIS NEW ALBUM ONE OF UR GREATEST GIFT TO US, UR FANS. P.S. TIME IS OF THE ASSENCE…..

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