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UPDATE: Looks like Kanye has paid a $250,000 settlement to the teenager — a hefty sum, but a fraction of the high six-figure amount the kid was originally demanding. The D.A. hasn’t yet decided whether to press charges, but that’s looking unlikely now. TMZ has full details.


You know what they say: The couple who beats up little racist shits together stays together. Right now, a crazy story about Kanye West punching out an epithet-hurling 18-year-old in a chiropractor’s office is circulating online. If a grown man can come across well for assaulting a teenager, then Kanye sure comes off well in it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye himself was the one who leaked the story.

TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian was visiting a Beverly Hills medical facility earlier today, and she had to get through a scrum of paparazzi to get there. According to the story, an 18-year-old bystander approached Kim and said, “Fuck these fa**ot-ass n****rs.” When Kim told him not to use this particular term, the guy responded, “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up, n****r lover, stupid slut.”

When Kanye arrived, he and Kim went into the office — a chiropractor’s office, it turns out — where Kim had seen the guy enter after his outburst. The story says that the couple saw the young man in the waiting room, where Kanye punched him and Kim told him that they have the whole exchange on tape. The office massage therapist broke up the fight, and the teenager said that he wants to press charges. We’ll have to see how this develops.

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  1. You mean seen, not ‘scene’.

  2. “The office massage therapist broke up the fight.”

    can’t make this shit up

  3. Oh Kanye…

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  5. “Hurry up with my damn massage.”

    Yeezus confirmed to be the new Nostradamus prophecies.

  6. Wow Tom, it sounds like there was a lot of teeanger, whatever that is…

  7. You know Ye got Kim’s back like chiropractic
    If some punk kid say something dirty, Ye gonna wipe his ass out as in detergent.

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  9. “Kanye Reportedly Throws Scalding Coffee in Eyes of Teenager Taking Too Long With Croissant at Tim Hortons”

  10. yeezus!! I love Kanye!

    …one thing I don’t get – why do you blur out racial slurs in american press? it’s not like people doesn’t know the words or Stereogum is racist when they’re reporting a story. I just don’t get the point of it.

    • And I didn’t mean this to promote slurs!! just to be clear… Racist people should be sent to bed without dinner!

    • I think that you can actually make a strong argument that bleeping those words in newscasts or blurring them in print journalism actually only serves to make those words more powerful by reinforcing the cultural taboo surrounding them.

      The idea is, you should never direct a racial slur at someone, nor should you use them without purpose, but when quoting someone or talking about racial slurs you should just say them and no one should get offended.

      That said, as a white guy I have no business being the racial slur police so take all of that with a grain of salt.

  11. As a massage therapist myself, I must say I’m proud to learn that a fellow bodyworker intervened to break things up. We’re always working to keep the peace.

  12. Someone commented on TMZ saying “i really though you guys were better than this.”

  13. Damn, these teen racists sure do love holistic medicine. You can’t even go to your midwife these days without having to hear some pimply kid loudly decry interracial relationships.

    • Which part of this comment is awaiting moderation? The part about holistic medicine, interracial relationships, or both? Is it a combination of the two? Are comments immediately sent to purgatory when they mention midwives? All serious questions.

  14. Can we talk about this picture?

  15. I always hate it when I go to the chiropractors and get rubbed up the wrong way.

  16. This is probably the least out of line Kanye has ever been. It sounds like the little s#!t deserved it.

  17. “The teenager says he wants to press charges”

    Good luck lol

    • Here’s to hoping Kanye comes back at him with a countersuit, takes his ass to court, and this story stretches on for months giving us endless wacky Kanye stories for the foreseeable future.

  18. So it’s not like I feel sorry for the guy spewing racist and sexist shit, but uh, anyone else a little concerned about how we seem to be treating Kanye attacking someone as reasonable behavior?

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  20. While I don’t support the racist and sexist shit being thrown at him, Kanye needs to just chill the fuck out and walk away. But what the hell do I know? I wasn’t there.

  21. The kid was probably just trying to make friends and thought that rappers talk that way. His misconception came about because rappers talk that way.

  22. Okay, so if Kanye had been standing with Kim and – out of a fit of passion – punched the punk for talking that way, I would be okay with it. The fact that he arrived later and went looking for the guy in another office is just scary.

    No good came from this: Kanye will get charged and the racist punk gets a payday.

    How do you not get charged for going after someone? I mean, it isn’t like the judge is going to say, “Yeah, since you’re Kanye and the guy deserved it, I guess it is fine that you pummeled him.”

  23. The kid (an 18-year-old adult) was spouting off racist things. Free speech, but he’s being insensitive, base and provocative. Maybe he has mental issues? He’s causing a scene to ward off the paparazzi. There was nothing wrong with Kim detracting him. Then the kid barks at her. Weird.

    So she calls Kanye because she’s upset. Who cares?! He’s her husband, and she wants some support. He shows up, fine. Confronts the kid, fine. It’s still freedom of speech for Kanye and the kid. Then…

    If Kanye had been surrounded by a group of 3 or 5 or 10 skinny, bratty teens who were barking racist drivel, he has no right to attack any of them. He’s a grown-up. Sticks and stones. But Kanye’s in the spotlight, earning serious coin, married with a child, cavorting with royalty. Millions, no, billions of people are envious. I don’t feel sorry for him. He needs anger management and a serious reevaluation of his goals. OTOH, if Kim triggered him into fighting, she knows how to push his buttons. Again, anger management for Kanye and some serious reflection on Kim’s (a mother now) part.

  24. This does not surprise me.

  25. But is he friends with David Bowie?

  26. That grey shirt looks itchy.

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