Governors Ball 2014 Lineup

We already knew that OutKast would headline this summer’s Governors Ball festival in New York; it followed Coachella as the second reunion show that the legendary duo had announced. But the rest of the lineup for Governors Ball, which comes to New York City’s Randall’s Island 6/6-8, is online now; as Idolator points out, it appeared in a New York Times print ad this morning. And it is major. The top-billed acts seem like reason enough to check the show out, as Jack White and Vampire Weekend (UPDATE: and the Strokes) will join OutKast. Further down, the bill includes Phoenix, Interpol, Disclosure, TV On The Radio, Spoon, Julian Casablancas, Damon Albarn, Deafheaven, Neko Case, James Blake, Run The Jewels, Grimes, Kurt Vile, Earl Sweatshirt, Janelle Monáe, Chance The Rapper, Tanlines, Tyler The Creator, Washed Out, AlunaGeorge, Broken Bells, Sleigh Bells, Jenny Lewis, La Roux, Classixx, Diarrhea Planet, the Internet, Damian Marley, Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, Skrillex, RJD2, the Head And The Heart, and a whole pile of others. You’ll find details about the festival here, and I have to say, this might be the first year that Governors Ball has a better lineup than Coachella.

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  1. Governor’s Ball has grown quite nicely in recent years. The only thing that gets in their way is the weather. The pictures I saw last year were nasty with people standing in six inches of water and mud wearing rain boots.

    It’s nice to see Albarn, Interpol and Jenny Lewis. interesting how Phoenix has already been demoted to subheadliner status in a year. On the poster, they actually below Skrillex:

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      • I also think there’s the issue with many bands not wanting to forego their NYC-area date to be part of a festival. For Vampire Weekend, Phoenix this is their second go-around in the market (both haev played Barclays Center last year) and for many of the second-tier acts, it’s a similar story. The Strokes, Interpol and TV On The Radio are nice grabs in terms of “local” bands that haven’t active recently. Jack White also seemingly came out of nowhere too.

  2. julian oh my sweet julian

  3. Going just for Diarrhea Planet to be honest.

  4. I am dumbfounded that anyone could pan Coachella’s lineup. The middle card is ridiculous and is what sets it apart – Replacements, Motorhead, Beck, NMH? Those are headliners at Coachella 10 years ago, people just need to bitch bout these white people problems.


    • holy shit, Comedown Machine songs LIVE. LIVE PEOPLE!

    • The Strokes AND Julian Casablancas?!?!?!?! Sounds great to me!

      • So I’m saying with both Phoenix and Julian Casablancas performing we have like a 15% chance of Daft Punk coming out to make a guest appearance. And that’s good enough for me.

        • Having both Phoenix and Julian Casablancas/The Strokes , i say we have 50% chance of The Strokes kicking some Phoenix asses for ripping them off.

          • Phoenix’s first album “United” came out a year before “Is This It” by The Strokes.

            Next time go to Wikipedia instead of creating a Stereogum account. I’d rather you learn something new than spread misinformation on the Interwebs.

          • I was talking about last two albums/they sound nothing like commercial pop shit theyve been doing before.

            Next time go suk a dog dik or learn to accept other people’s notion.

  6. This >>> Coachella

    • i was SOOOO disappointed with coachella! i posted about how bad i thought it was people were so defensive about my thoughts. Words cannot express how happy i am for Guv ball, just bought my ticket, watching the strokes live is a wish come true. I posted how happy i was with the lineup and then had someone comment ” Isn’t this line up pretty much the same as cochella? Which you didn’t seem keen on”….. I no longer consider that person my friend.

  7. I see Banks at the bottom there. Is that Paul Banks (Interpol) doing his hip hop stuff? if so, that’s pretty interesting.

  8. Oh cool, Outkast is playing another festival… oh I see Jack White is playing, cool…. hm, Sleigh Bells, TV on the Radio, Deafheaven… wait… what… THE STROKES?!

  9. Well I was on the fence, but FOSTER THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE THERE???!?!??!!


  10. Spoon plus the Kills = better than the entire Coachella lineup put together.

    • Pretty much.

      Just the other day I was thinking, “If Spoon were at Coachella this year, that would be enough to get me honestly excited.”

      But now looking at this, TV On The Radio, Interpol, The Strokes, James Blake… any of these, even just one, would be a drastic improvement to the Coachella line-up.

      • Coachella seems like they’re chasing the EDM fad this year. Which ironically was more of their thing when Coachella started, and they got a lot more successful once they de-emphasized it. Almost seems a little reminiscent of those notoriously bad Lollapallooza years, like the last one that killed it in the 90s and the one after it was revived that killed the traveling aspect of it when Morissey was like one of their biggest headliners and they didn’t sell many tix.

        • To me, the traveling one’s cancellation was one of the biggest crimes in booking history. I don’t debate that ticket sales were awful, but that was before indie and festivals became a big thing again. If that last Lollapalooza traveling festival happened in 2014 with just the Day 1 aspect in tact, can you imagine how pleased people would be with it?

          PJ Harvey
          Sonic Youth
          Modest Mouse
          Le Tigre
          The Walkmen
          Broken Social Scene
          Wolf Eyes
          Danger Mouse

          It was the second day that was all jam band heavy that fucked the entire thing over.

          • LOL, really, they had jam bands on day 2?! Still in 2014 the lineup looks kinda week, although I used to love seeing SY or Le Tigre and even more so now that they’re gone. And BTW whatever year that was, indie was much hotter then as a commercial force. But festivals are bigger now.

  11. Ok, I have a silly question – how long is a band’s set at a festival like this? I’m guessing headliners get longer sets?

    I’ve never actually gone to a festival because there usually aren’t enough acts I care about to warrant the crazy ticket prices, but there are several here I would really like to see. Is it worth the price?

    • usually the earlier sets in the day are about 45 mins and they get longer as the day progresses, with the headliners doing at least an hour and a half (i think kanye did 2 last year). def worth the price of the ticket if you’re into a lot of bands here.

  12. Interpol? Vampire Weekend? A Strokes and Julian Casablancas set? Damon Albarn?? Just too good.

  13. check out my new track called “Allah My Boy” featuring Tall Cold (you know who it is)

  14. I don’t care whether or not this festival’s lineup is better or worse than any major festival; I just love that there’s finally a major player in the festival circuit that is relatively close to me. Also, it has fucking deafheaven, tv on the radio, and janelle monae, which fucking rules.

  15. Beasty line-up. Does it benefit from not having Coachella’s high expectations? Sure.

    Does it have the mega-reunions? Aside from Outkast (THE reunion), not.

    Does it have practically everyone who made killer music last year? Yep.

  16. Not looking forward to the choices I’m going to have to make.

  17. not supposed to be a reply

  18. Run the Jewels. Coachella missed out on them.

  19. This is kinda amazing but at the same time it’s too much. It’s like having all your favorite food that you like to eat but only having an hour to eat them. Law of diminishing returns.

    • Yeah the line-up’s too good, I don’t know why anyone would want to go. I went to GB before they got all the good acts and attracted a bunch of sell-outs. Come to my festival. Our headliners are gonna be Sugar Ray, Vanilla Ice, and Hootie and the Blowfish (REUNION YO!!!!!!). We’ve also got some killer support sets booked ranging from Bleeding Gums Murphy to O.M.A.H.A. (Peyton Manning’s avant grade spoken word country western group). Tickets are kind of a pay-what-you-want deal. Hit me up!!!

  20. Another festival that includes Foster the People at the top of the heap. That band must have some really good PR reps.

  21. O_O

    The Strokes are coming out of hiding?!……to play live music?!

  22. Wow, that’s a decent lineup.

    I’m heading for the Porto edition of Primavera Sound the same weekend. A bit worrying that very few (if any) of these names will be there.

  23. Foster the People dropped this time-lapse video of their LA mural featuring new song “Coming of Age” ( Psyched to catch them on the island!

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