Karen O - "The Moon Song"

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences just announced this year’s Oscar nominations, and amidst the big categories and the surprises (Philomena for Best Picture?), Chris Hemsworth read the nominations for Best Original Song. One of those nominees was Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader Karen O, whose solo track “The Moon Song” was one of the emotional centerpieces of Spike Jonze’s movie Her. Karen wrote the music, and she and Jonze wrote the lyric, so they’re both nominated for the song. (Jonze, a music video legend long before he started making movies, is a triple-nominee this year. He’s also up for Best Original Screenplay, and Her was a surprise nominee for Best Picture, so he’s up for that one, as well, in a producer’s role.) Meanwhile, Arcade Fire recorded the score for Her, and Owen Pallett and Arcade Fire’s Will Butler are up for the Best Original Score nomination. (There aren’t any big iconic scores in that category this year, so they stand a decent chance of winning and getting Arcade Fire halfway to an EGOT.) In the Best Original Song category, “The Moon Song” is up against “No Ordinary Love,” U2′s Golden Globe-winning song from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, as well as the Frozen anthem “Let It Go” (already my daughter’s favorite song ever), Pharrell’s Despicable Me 2 song “Happy,” and the title song from the movie Alone Yet Not Alone. The full list of nominees is here, and the award ceremony will be broadcast 3/2 on ABC.

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  1. No disrespect to Will Butler and Owen Pallett (as I’m a big fan of both AF and Owen’s solo act), but I find it more dubious now that the Academy refuses to nominate Jonny Greenwood. For There Will Be Blood and The Master the official word was he was disqualified because he used previously recorded music, but isn’t much of the score for Her from Reflektor? (Ie, Supersymmetry and Porno.)

    • I think they said that Supersymmetry was originally written for the film. They were recording the score and Reflektor at the same time, so I’m guessing that certain elements were written for the score first and then fleshed out for the album. Or at least that’s probably the line they’re using to make sure they’re not disqualified like Greenwood was.

    • Also, Supersymmetry and Porno would be the soundtrack (songs, including “Moon song”) and the score is the piano music heard though-out. They are distinctly different.


    said spiritualize as he was led to the center of the town and hung on a large oak tree.

  3. Hope Pharrell wins just because the music video for Happy is so great.

  4. “Philomena for Best Picture?”

    How is that all a surpise given how much people talk about the Academy being filled with old people?

  5. Ok, American Hustle was not that great. I never understand why certain films seem to just give the academy raging hard ons.

    • American Hustle was incredible!

      Let your mind dwell on the idea of actors as con artists. It’s an incredibly meta film, as is proven by the twist ending. It’s a movie about people conning other people in the movie while at the same time conning the audience. An idea that wouldn’t work well if the acting wasn’t incredibly top notch. Thankfully the 4 main players are at the top of their game.

      And since this is a music blog, THAT soundtrack?! Come on. Excellent tunes from start to finish.

      I mean, it’s no cocaine out of a hooker’s ass… but it’s a great movie with a great cast.

      • Nah. Adams and Cooper were both good, but Lawrence went more for over-the-top histrionics than an actual performance and Bale’s performance was basically that he was fat and ugly. Instead of, you know, fit and attractive. Cool.

        Beyond that, the pacing was atrocious, all the characters were never developed beyond thin caricatures, and there were too many anachronisms for it to hang together well as a period piece. Too bad O. Russell would prefer to let his actors go wild than make a coherent movie.

        I did like the ending, though — it tied everything together remarkably well given how disjointed the rest of the movie is. And I definitely get how it was resonant with regards to American history and such. But the execution could have been much, much better.

        • Whelp.

          Since my opinion on movies is officially whack, what were your favorite films of the year?

          • Don’t worry about it dude, I wouldn’t call it whack — I definitely understood the appeal of the film, but I think it’s vastly overrated and doubt it’ll stand the test of time.

            I’m a bit behind on 2013 releases because I was completely broke for a good part of the year, but I’m finally able to start catching up, so so far my top five would be something like:

            Blue is the Warmest Color
            Blue Jasmine (I’m a sucker for Cate Blanchett and just watched this last night though, so I might be overrating it a bit)
            Fruitvale Station
            and hmm, this spot’s tricky. Frances Ha?

          • Frances Ha was incredible. Greta Gerwig had one of the performances of the year. Travesty that she didn’t even get nominated for an academy award, but I expected it.

            My movies of the year were Blue Jasmine, Her, Short Term 12, Inside Llewyn Davis, Computer Chess, Before Midnight, Nebraska.

        • This basically sums it up. I liked the ending, but I went into the movie with pretty high expectations that went completely unmet.

      • I dug American Hustle. I was intrigued by how little the trailers gave away yet somehow was the movie I most anticipated watching during 2013. Also concur with your opinion that the ensemble (including the side characters that didn’t get as much screen time) was at the top of their game, including Bradley Cooper who usually rubs me the wrong way for some reason. David O Russell has been crushing it for awhile and I’m stoked to see what he pulls out of his hat for his next film.

        And that cocaine out of a hooker’s ass analogy, that a reference to Wolf of Wall Street, bro? I likey your styley.

        • Indeed & Thanks! I enjoyed both movies, but American Hustle had me thinking more about what I just saw instead of Wolfie that had me just recalling vivid scenes I’d just viewed.

          I forgot to mention Jeremy Renner who I thought did a great job as well.

          I saw Place Beyond the Pines not too long ago because of the Stereogum article about soundtracks. It came out this year and I LOVED that movie. Also has the Bradley Cooper in it, who I’m also usually not a huge fan of, but apparently has some acting chops.

          I mean, it’s no lit candle in a butthole… but it’s also a great movie starring President Gosling.

  6. No offense, I’m an Oscar enthusiast and follow the race all year long from Sundance onwards — but neither Philomena nor Her were surprises in the slightest.

    • Philomena wasn’t a huge surprise but i think a lot of people thought Saving Mr Banks and/or Inside Llewyn Davis would get its spot instead

      • True, but I don’t think Philomena took either of those film’s spots. The academy only nominated 9 movies this year which leaves an extra spot unfilled, so what seems more likely to me is that those two films (along with maybe The Butler, the other “big” snub) just didn’t have enough support to fill in a tenth spot.

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