Disclosure - "Grab Her" video

Pretty soon, I would not be shocked to learn that Disclosure have made great music videos for every track on their excellent 2013 debut album Settle. The latest of those videos comes from director Emile Sornin, and it’s for the J Dilla-sampling instrumental dance track “Grab Her!” It tells the story of a cheery, harassment-prone office capo who possesses the unfortunate power to make stuff fly up into the air. You’d think this would negatively affect his career-advancement prospects, but apparently not. The video is for-real funny, and you can watch it below. (There’s an NSFW moment or two in there, so be warned.)

Settle is out now on PMR.

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  1. I’m most intrigued by the fact that his powers apparently extend to causing cigar smoke to sink. Does that reverse power extend to other lighter than air things? What would occur if you gave him a helium balloon? Would the helium try to sink while the balloon itself tried to rise? If so, which power would win out?

    So many questions.

    • Balloons don’t intrinsically float; it’s the gas inside them that determines how they behave.

      • That’s the point with most things in the video he makes things that don’t usually float shoot up in the sky yet he makes cigar smoke, which usually floats, sink. So a ballon intrinsically sinks so he’d make it shoot up in air, but helium usually floats so he’d make it sink. He’d make the rubber ballon rise while making the helium gas sink and that is why the sky is blue.

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