Four Tet

More and more artists have been making moves to Bandcamp as a way to casually put out rare recordings. Last year we saw it done by Jim O’Rourke and Sunn O))), and now Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) has started his own Bandcamp page. Right now the earliest Four Tet recordings are up there to check out.

In other news, Four Tet was featured in a recent video from the “Beat This” Youtube series, which challenges producers to make a track in 10 minutes. Using only a vinyl copy of Thriller, he works quickly and ends up with a pretty cool finished product. It’s worth watch to the end just to catch Hebden’s little head bob move while listening to the track.

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  1. Really great to see Four Tet at work. He got some really nice stuff going here.
    Interesting concept for a series. Gotta check more of it out.

    • Ok “Beat This” isn’t as interesting as I thought it was. Four Tet set himself this boundary of only using a vinyl copy of Thriller. As far as I can tell everyone else that has been featured is using samples they already had on their computer, and have obviously worked with many times. Four Tet’s never worked with Thriller. He’s the man.

      • Yeah, and also 10 minutes c’mon, also a lot of people that work samples have this thing(Four Tet included, not saying he’s bad), that sometimes only certain samples work in a given context, it’s a hit and miss thing, sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it takes a month.

  2. Watching this video is basically just watching a focussed man for ten minutes, and then making silly comments afterwards. What a treat though; makes me want to learn ableton really bad.

  3. what software is he using?

  4. That was terrifying. He is a monster.

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