Drake On SNL

Drake returned to SNL tonight, this time pulling double duty as host and musical guest. The Degrassi alum and Raptors global ambassador played on his black and Jewish heritage in a Bar Mitzvah-themed monologue; did fine impressions of A-Rod, Katt Williams, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne (as Steve Urkel!); and performed a couple of songs from Nothing Was The Same. Other highlights included cast member Sasheer Zamata, who got a ton of screen time in her first episode, and Kate McKinnon’s perfect Justin Bieber in the Piers Morgan Live cold open. Watch it all below.

Cold Open


Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars

Nancy Grace

“Resolution Revolution”

Slumber Party

“Started From The Bottom”/”Trophies”

Weekend Update

Disney World Show

Detention Poetry

“Hold On, We’re Going Home”/”From Time” (Feat. Jhené Aiko)

Mornin’ Miami

I Know

There was also this promo for the show in which Vanessa Bayer made a Drake superfan’s dream come true:

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  1. I thought he did great (other than the slightly rapey moment with Jhene Aiko). Lil Wayne and Theme Park Employee impressions were my favourite.

  2. Best host of the season thus far, including JT. I was really impressed with his comedic timing and the fact that he was willing to get completely into it, especially the more ridiculous stuff. Even that terrible Indiana Jones bit was almost saved by Drake. And that cut-away to the role playing was perfect. I’d love to see him continue to come back for dual duties.


  4. Drakes impression of Lil Wayne as Urkel killed me. Monolouge was my favorite of the season.

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  6. Haha, great show. I know Drake was the host, but they really missed an opportunity to showcase Jay Pharaoh’s Jay-Z/Kat Williams/every black male celebrity impressions.


  7. Am I the only one absolutely dying over how long it’s been since the “We’re Not Pornstars Anymore” showed their disease riddled bodies on SNL? Seriously….funniest skit on SNL in years. Each time I think I’ve decided which of them is better I change my mind. Right now I’m leaning towards Vanessa Bayer. Cuz she got banged in the back of a Kia by giant gerbils but she’s pretty sure “some of them” were people

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