The Space Project

Youth Lagoon’s take on indie pop has always been spacey, but it’s never been literally spacey, at least not like that. The new compilation The Space Project features tracks that actually use sounds taken from space, and Trevor Powers has contributed a song called “Worms,” which has some weird-as-all-hell vocal effects as well as sound effects apparently taken from the final frontier. Powers was already moving in a more psychedelic direction on last year’s album Wondrous Bughouse, and this song pushes him even further out. Listen to it below.

The Space Project is coming soon from Lefse.

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  1. I really enjoyed the song (bummed, though, that this isn’t from a new impending full-length) , but I’m a little confused…space is a vacuum, and sound cannot travel in a vacuum. What space sounds are we talking about?

    • Was definitely wondering the same thing. Trevor posted the song on Facebook along with this: “FYI: although there’s no real sound in the vacuum of space, it’s possible to translate the electromagnetic radiation fluctuations and charged particles of these celestial bodies into conventional sound. So now that you’re no better of a person at all for knowing that, A collection of artists have come together to take audio recordings of planets that were gathered by the Voyager 1 & 2 space probes and manipulate these frequencies in music. This is my piece.”

      • Well, that’s a lot better than what I was expecting (noises from inside the ISS or something?). Extremely cool, actually. Really speaks to my inner space and music nerds.

  2. Sounds like he’s been listening to a bunch of Kid A recently. But maybe that’s just because I’ve been listening to Kid A a bunch recently… Either way, I still feel like it has a Radiohead vibe, and that is obviously a big compliment.

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