Cookie Dough Oreo

So Oreos is introducing some new flavors beyond just the original cream and the crack-level-addictive mint: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy. If anyone can sell the idea, it’s Tegan And Sara in full-on synthpop overdrive. The Canadian duo haven’t just licensed a song for the new Oreo commercial, set to debut during this Sunday’s Grammy telecast, as Billboard reports. They’ve recorded a full-on old-school commercial jingle — one that, against odds, would probably fit just fine on their very good 2013 album Hearttrob. Watch the ad below.

(via USA Today)

The song was written by copywriters at Oreo’s ad agency with Tegan And Sara in mind. They follow previous “Wonderfilled” singers Kacey Musgraves, Chiddy Bang, and Owl City.

If you are appalled by this turn of events, I understand, but perhaps consult the great Jessica Hopper’s article about how selling out saved indie rock. The Quin sisters are prominently featured.

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  1. Someone’s ca$hin’ in! Good for them.

  2. but what are the flavors????

  3. I like that the Oreo package advertises their product as made with “chocolatey” chips as a promise that whatever shit filled ingredient they’re actually using will resemble chocolate in some way.

    What’s worse is that I still want to try them. Tegan and Sara, you’re ruining my health.

    • Guys, there’s also Cookie Dough flavor “creme” in them! So, no chocolate, certainly no cookie dough, but you do get to taste whatever the legal definition of “creme” is.

      The soundtrack for the effect of these things on your intestines would be better soundtracked by Gorguts or Inquisition.

  4. no such a thing as selling out in the 2010s, unLESS you’re an arena rock back or one of the top 15 in album sales.

  5. They struck me more as Hydrox types, but whatever.

  6. Maybe it’s a cross-promotion with Tim Horton’s, eh?

    (I know, that was terrible.)

  7. I can dig it. This jingle’s better than about half the songs on Heartthrob.

  8. Steal a page from Tylers book why dontya, maybe direct a commercial featuring a farm animal next

  9. Oreos are delicious. Birthday Cake Oreos are delicious. All levels of stuffing with an Oreo are delicious. I want to try Cookie dough Oreos.

  10. Cookies that have cookie dough filling.

  11. It’s crazy but I didn’t like that Tegan and Sara did a commercial but the song and lyrics are very good. I hope to see them play closer live in concert when they tour. Check out my message board for more Tegan and Sara related info

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