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Who’s excited about the Grammys? Maybe excited isn’t the right word. Who’s aware the Grammys happen this Sunday? Stereogum will be watching and if you are too you should head here for our annual Comment Party and Drinking Game. What else are you gonna watch, wrestling? Read a book? Chris broke down the nominees in the Week In Pop, incurring the wrath of Sara Bareilles fans (Bareillesheads I think they’re called). You know who was never nominated for a Grammy? The Grateful Dead. I know that because I just googled “Grateful Dead Grammy nominations.” (And you guys are gonna love this… The page I got also says “Claim to fame: Single ‘Touch of Grey.’” Remember the Dead? That one-hit-wonder from the ‘80s?) Learn more about “Touch Of Grey” and the Grateful Dead’s very best songs here after you check out this week’s best and worst comments below.


#10 honlads | Jan 18th Score:12

And they play the GIF game harder than Kevin Broydrick.

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#9 eighteenk | Jan 17th Score:12

Cory D Howell fails to #breakfree from the lowest rated comment section.

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#8 blochead | Jan 21st Score:12

me no stream. me buy. me want art to survive.

me out

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Matthew Marvin Lingo | Jan 21st Score:12

Lindsay Weird would like you to know that Box of Rain is missing from this list.

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Jim Rountree | Jan 20th Score:14

hey! you two keep it down in there!

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#5 skow | Jan 21st Score:17

I just spent $120 hard earned dollars down at the ole local record store. Get off my damn lawn Doctor Beats Man!

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#4 michael_ | Jan 21st Score:17

News like this just make me realize: I have no use for streaming services. I think I have a Pandora account somewhere that I haven’t logged into for years, I sometimes will pull up Spotify if I’m looking up something really quick and I registered a name for this new contraption, but old dude me is always going to go to my bedroom where the stereo system and turntable are and pop in a CD, cassette or LP. The most digital I get is loading up my iPod with albums while I’m out, but eff whatever thinks its smart enough to choose what I should I listen to.

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Kevin Hukill | Jan 21st Score:20

Betteridge’s law of headlines is an adage that states: “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.

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Jeff Lapatine | Jan 21st Score:21

Good choices. Also, Hell in a Bucket and Terrapin Station. So many

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#1 Scott Lapatine | Jan 21st Score:27

LOL, welcome!

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#5 lieutenant wine | Jan 22nd Score:-7

I don’t care how many glowing (and rather transparent) reviews this gets, any album with a song titled “FUCKMYLIFE666″ will never be worth my time.

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Adam Gelatt | Jan 23rd Score:-8

I usually forget that this ultra-pc reddit-ethic meme spouting neckbeard of a website still exists, but I just came here to say damn, this record is as bland as bland gets. AM! could’ve made a huge and powerful statement as the first “relatively” big band with a trans singer, but nah, they’re just gonna write the same shitty pop-punk album they’ve been recording since New Wave.

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Cody Morris | Jan 20th Score:-8

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 21st Score:-11

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#1 blochead | Jan 21st Score:-11

I wasn’t aware that this was even a thing.

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Matt Forsythe | Jan 21st Score:5

I live in the remote nation of Canada. What’s “streaming music”, and this Spotify thing?

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  1. OMG thanks guys!!

  2. So I just discovered “Paranoid” by Ty Dolla $ign.

    Consequently, my Friday afternoon just got a lot better.

  3. Dylan Baldi unfollowed me and then called me a “whiny piece of shit” on Twitter on my birthday*, which both broke my heart but humored me considering the words to every song on Attack On Memory.

    *The reason he did so was assumedly because I criticized his peeps [REDACTED] and Maria [REDACTED] for being the worst music writers out there, which is kind of a popular opinion I’m tired of defending and drawing intense criticism for considering the former’s Warpaint review and the latter is just not a very good writer but somehow manages to write for many large music sites because she is social media popular. And like most popular people, if you criticize her, her friends will pounce on you.

    That said, I’m not longer looking forward to hearing the new Cloud Nothings album because he just lost one big longtime fan in 140 characters or less.

    It was a terrible way to end my birthday, guys, and well — y’all know I wasn’t looking forward to it to begin with for many reasons discussed previously in these spaces.

    • Did he really? That’s shiity. Well, happy birthday Mike and take comfort in the fact that no one (including you) will give a shit about him in 10 years (i.e., cloud NOTHINGS ;)

      If u smell what the don is cookin

      • Thanks, Donny! A few days later, as it’s all settled in, I realize I don’t give a shit about what some kid nearly a decade my junior who is synonymous with bitching on Twitter and offending people (see: that time he pissed off Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste by calling their fans something along the lines of a bunch of snoozers in sweaters, how he deleted his Twitter account because all he would was complain and piss people off) has to say. The “DIY punk” bubble is going to burst, and a lot of these loud, abrasive basement bands in their early 20s who’ve gotten ample press in the past year or two are going to get blown out of the scene once their target demo grows up and / or if they don’t either.

        And that brings me to some words of advice coming from someone who has exited his sub-30 years and has immersed himself in that world for a few years now to make a sound observation about how it operates: Twitter is a by-product of doing the whole “music writing” thing for me. I would tell anyone reading this who easily gets dragged down by over-sharing, loud personalities who use it as a means to flaunt humble brags or exchanges with “famous” music personalities that it’s a huge popularity contest clusterfuck no better than walking through a high school hallway. I’ve been prone to reactionary outbursts myself on there from time to time almost always stymied by that social media noise, which in turn make me have an unfavorable opinion about musicians and other music-related personalities I once liked. If you don’t need to be on Twitter other than to follow news, do yourself a favor and disconnect from the people who hold up the trivial nature of whatever this week’s think-piece talking point above the importance of like, fixing the economy or whatever.

        I’m not getting old, but my mind has changed my (music)’s frame, but, God, I like it.

        • I wasn’t aware Dylan Baldi was a prick on twitter. Sometimes I don’t follow bands/artists I like because you can find out that they’re actually very boring, very shallow, or they’re just not nice people, and I can’t help being put off the music. I still quite like Attack On Memory, even if my liking has waned since 2012.

          I mainly use twitter to follow @dril, @wettbutt and @officialjaden.

          • He recently returned to Twitter after deleting his account for about a year, and began following me quietly for no reason. His use is minimal and sedated now, but during Attack On Memory, he would just complain about industry b.s. and throw out condescending thoughts about other bands vaguely. God forbid someone criticize his pals, though…

            But yeah, you’re right — You risk being put off when following bands/artists and even a lot of the people who write these music sites we read, especially when they don’t exactly use Twitter to stay on topic. We live in a world where unfortunately everyone thinks that a social media account is a license to blast every banal thought that comes through their head as if the rest of the world will find it fascinating. I don’t follow [REDACTED], but that guy loves to sneak in a brag about going to the gym a lot by tying it into what he’s listening to. Hilariously, someone actually tracked every tweet he’s made about it through a search and then mockingly dubbed him the year’s “LMFAO Award for Mentioning Going to the Gym In Music.” What a putz…

    • …like sands in the virtual hour glass…

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