Trent Reznor at Grammys

UPDATE: Grammys Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich has apologized to Reznor in The Hollywood Reporter:

I’m sorry he was upset. I was really thrilled that we were finally getting him on the Grammys. The final jam started with Arcade Fire a few years ago, and LL Cool J last year. I want to end on a high, an up note. I did tell them we’d take it as long as we could. The number was about five, six minutes long, and we got to within a minute twenty of the end. We got as close as we could possibly get.


Nine Inch Nails TV performances are rare things indeed, and when Trent Reznor steps in front of a camera, he expects things to go a certain way and gets pissed off when they don’t. Last night, they didn’t. Nine Inch Nails — along with the rock-dude supergroup of Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl, and Lindsey Buckingham — closed out the Grammys telecast with one of its best performances, a medley of NIN’s “Copy Of A” and QOTSA’s “My God Is The Sun.” But the Grammys, which had already lasted about 57 hours, decided to cut things off a bit early, running info about sponsors over the QOTSA song. As Reznor Tweeted this: “Music’s biggest night… to be disrespected. A heartfelt FUCK YOU guys.” And seriously, if they had to run that sponsor stuff, couldn’t they have done it during that endless Ringo Starr performance?

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  1. Can we talk about how Lindsey Buckingham got Lindsey Buckinghamed? Ooooweee! What up with that?

  2. Or respect Ringo too and cut off some of those shitty pop stars that perform with playback.

  3. I’ve heard this about Lindsey Buckingham “getting LIndsey Buckinghamed.” Was he snubbed once before?

  4. Totes agree with Reznor on this one, I as well most of everyone on stereogum im sure sat through most of the night waiting for QOTSA and NIN to perform, only to have part of their performance cut off by advertisements. Meanwhile we did not have the fortune of having ads cut through the imagine dragons-kendrick lamar mashup. (I still can’t get over that)

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  6. He’s right to vent at those who cut his performance, but then misdirects his anger toward Ringo, who was one of the people who actually stayed around to watch him, unlike others who left early. Cry-Baby.

  7. Trent didn’t say anything about Ringo, that was the writer of this article who made the comment.

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