Cloud Nothings - "I'm Not Part Of Me"

Cloud Nothings just debuted a new song, “I’m Not Part Of Me,” from their forthcoming LP Here And Nowhere Else on Sirius XMU, and it’s awesome. Check it out.

Here And Nowhere Else is out 4/1 via Carpark/Mom+Pop.

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      • Note: I’ll 110% admit that I’m only saying negative things about the song because I’m not pleased about the above ordeal. I’d probably have loved this otherwise, but personal emotions have otherwise cloud-ed my perspective.

        • This band actually sounds much better when the production value is worse and more raw and seething! Its kinda like a ‘Mats effect…. Tim sounds much better than Pleased to Meet Me from that audio perspective.

    • i fail to see the hipocrisy, just two supposedely adults acting like children on the internet, which unfortunately is not as rare as one would expect/hope

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        • Dude,
          I really truly like your writing and your blog but I think the intensity of this interaction for you kind of has you blinded. I watched it happen on twitter in real time and understand that you were in a dark place. I’ve been there many many times and know exactly how that feels, so I don’t fault you for your perspective but I think you are just way off here. First of all if someone is whiney and even if they self identify as such it doesn’t make them a hypocrite for calling you the same thing. Alcoholics are allowed to call out others alcoholics when they see it happening. What happened was you were on a tirade about music journalists you don’t like and he unfollowed you because presumably he didn’t want to see that, most people don’t like to see negativity. I personally hate a bunch of the bands that stereogum covers but it always warms my heart to see posi comments here. It’s what makes this blog so much better than stuff like Brooklyn Vegan. After he unfollowed you you insulted him saying you look forward to his album failing without albini at the helm. Thats when he insulted you. I understand your perspective but you don’t seem to try and step back at all. You are just some guy he followed but essentially a stranger who was posting content he didn’t want to see and then you insulted the thing he is most passionate about. It doesn’t matter that his songs are whiney, you are not two old friends hashing things out. Again I really do love your blog and your taste and I don’t mean for this to come across as calling you out ast I can relate very much to the place you seem to be in. I just also know that when I did eventually step back and try and see things from other’s perspectives I realized there was not really anyway to rationalize my pervious perspective, i was just being negative.

          • ^this post fucking nailed it. Michael, you seem like a cool guy. I’d probably enjoy be friends with you IRL. But you could use some time away from the internet to widen your perspective.

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          • Its all a matter of perspective. The music world is also made up of incredibly kind and loving people <3 <3 <3

          • So, apparently other music blogs read these comment sections and turn non-stories into stories, except they get me confused with Michael Nelson:


            I can’t believe someone got paid to write that.

        • Your perspective is way off here still man.

          “He went one step further and blocked me since even though I’ve posted a really great write-up of the new single”

          this doesn’t make a lick of sense. You are a stranger who insulted him it doesn’t matter how many nice things you say about him. This isn’t a situation where further nice things will counteract a negative thing. That might be true if you were old friends but that is very far from the case.

          “The passion of the musicians, the labels — basically everyone with name brand recognition — outweighs the value of my emotions and my work to the rest of the world”

          This is what you have wrong in a nutshell. Your emotions are not on the other side of a scale from the actions of people you respect. I know you write off your explosions on twitter as just emotional outbursts and down play them but to people watching it happen it’s frightening and venomous. There is a world of difference between the kind of negativity that was in the hatchet job against Warpaints amazing new record and you wishing people you didn’t like would disappear. One is a negative critique of something we both love and the other is just plain negativity. There will always be people that bum you out and reasons to be furious and jealous. My friend just told me his band is opening for my current favorite band in the spring and my gut instinct was anger and jealousy but i mustered all the happiness i could and congratulated him and after a day or so the jealousy was diminished and I found I truly was happy for my friend. What good has posting negative stuff ever done for you? I surmise it’s led to a lot of bad feelings coming back at you. That is always what happens. I’m not saying your negativity isn’t justified I am saying you are giving that side of things too much power. There is a huge difference between hating someone quietly and voicing that publicly on the internet.

          I truly hope you don’t take a break from the internet as, again, I really love your blog, your perspective on music and your voice. I just think you find whatever positivity you can and project that out. Even if it’s weaker than the negative feelings because throwing negative sentiments out there will only hurt yourself. Again, I really don’t want this to sound like I am in any way talking down to you or speaking to you with anything but the understanding of exactly what it’s like to be in the headspace you are in now.

          • I somehow missed this a few days ago and I wanted to let you know I took the time to read every word of it, and that you raise some very valid points.

            The “step away from the keyboard and walk away” rule comes to mind.

    • Musician in being a dick shock.

    • Downvote me all you want — All it does is up the comments’ chances of being resyndicated in this week’s Worst Comments, thus exposing the true bratty nature of the Baldi to more readers who may have missed it in this post.

    • He unfollowed you on twitter. Boo fucking hoo.

  2. I liked it

  3. Man, I keep replaying this, but I don’t know how great it is.

    It’s like a snack you just gotta keep throwing down your throat, like mediocre popcorn.

  4. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t sound that much different than their previous stuff but I’m cool with that.
    I’m hoping they can keep the angst of the last record going without albini’s production.
    Also, more sprawling songs like Wasted Days please!

    • it is all about Wasted Days

    • that’s pretty much what i was thinking. channeling angst in a really visceral way was Attack on Memory’s best quality, and I’m glad that they’re happy or whatever now but if I want happy pop-punk (which I don’t) I’ll probably look somewhere else

  5. Hearing this song after all the aggression and turmoil of “Attack On Memory” (which I loved, was my favorite record of 2012) makes it so much more gorgeous. Glad Dylan Baldi isn’t milking the angst for all its worth. It’s a much needed release.

  6. You know, I’m okay with the Emo influence here. I don’t look at Cloud Nothings any differently than say Sunny Day Real Estate. It’s not the pop punk Fall Out Boy sound as so much as the 90s days of Jimmy Eat World, obviously mixed in with traditional Cloud Nothings sound.

  7. As I have no personal agenda against Baldi, I find this song awesome.

  8. Geez, the album’s not out til April 1? Why the fuck are we hearing this now?

  9. man sorry to say but im not that impressed with this song. for what it does it runs waaay too long and simply seems like a retread. also production is not my thing either. too bad – i liked attach on memory.

  10. Way, way too similar to “Stay Useless.” Same tempo, same key, and a very, very similar intro and melody. Take out the pre-chorus (which I actually like) and you could play them simultaneously with barely any dissonance. I get that he’s proud of the melody and wanted to use it again, but self-plagiarism is a risk you run when you write hook-driven songs…c’mon, at least change the key. Alternatively, just take a few pointers from this guy:

    “Pitchfork: Did you just feel really bored with power chords and hooks?

    Dylan Baldi: I was bored, and I didn’t think I could take it anywhere else. You can only write so many pop songs before they all sound the same. I got to a point where something overtly melodic and straightforward sounded sort of cheesy to me. Pop songs seemed too manufactured. Still, I really like some pop music and there is plenty of that influence on the record. But it got a little stale, and I became more interested in music that didn’t rely heavily on standard pop tropes. I wanted to take more of an aggressive approach.”

  11. I’m not digging the production on this at all. I don’t care if the new album is cheerier or whatever, but the music sounds way tinnier and in general less alive than it was on Attack on Memory. Not bad, but I’m not holding my breath either.

  12. I need tiiime to stop moving, I need tiiime to stay useless… oh wait, wrong song… or is it?

  13. I’m a bit underwhelmed. It doesn’t seem all that catchy, the production is kind of stale (at least compared to the last album), and the song goes on for too long without really changing much up.

    Maybe it’ll grow on me.

  14. I can’t be the only one who lost complete faith in humanity after reading the above thread, am I?

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