Elbow - "New York Morning" Video

English rockers Elbow have put together a short documentary/music video chronicling the story of Dennis and Lois, a couple who grew up in the New York music scene in the heyday of CBGB and the Ramones. The video serves as a tribute to old New York: “This was where the music was, and this was where the intelligent people were, and this was just where life was. That’s it. Most of the things we knew and loved are gone but we’re still here,” says one half of the couple. Elbow’s music takes a backseat to the story of this couple and their experiences, from their first date to the time they didn’t pick up Andy Warhol on a street corner. Watch below.

Elbow’s sixth studio album The Take Off and Landing of Everything is out 3/10 on Fiction/Concord.

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  1. Excellent, as always. Beautiful build into a satisfying conclusion. I’m really looking forward to this album. They have yet to disappoint me.

    However, I have no idea what was going on in that video. What an awkward pairing… The music distracted from whatever the video was about and the video distracted from the song. It didn’t do either of them any favors.

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