Vampire Weekend ("The Dubs") At The 2014 Grammys

Vampire Weekend won Best Alternative Music Album for Modern Vampires Of The City at Sunday’s Grammys pre-telecast against a field that included Neko Case, the National, Tame Impala, and Nine Inch Nails. So when Trent Reznor tweeted angrily and profanely about being disrespected at the Grammys, at first Vampy Weeks thought Reznor’s ire was directed at them, when in actuality he was pissed about his show-closing performance with Dave Grohl, Lindsey Buckingham, and Queens Of The Stone Age getting cut off early. (I mean, who wouldn’t make that mistake after Stereogum’s pop columnist projected NIN’s Hesitation Marks to win?) As drummer Chris Tomson explained to KROQ:

We saw that last night and we were worried for a second that it was about us because NIN were in our category. So we thought, “Oh, damn. Is Trent Reznor pissed at the Dubs?”

Tomson and his bandmates further expounded on what winning was like for “the Dubs.” Ezra Koenig joked that they finally “got their revenge” after Contra lost the same category to the Black Keys three years ago. And he discussed the pre-telecast experience:

All the awards right before us were for people getting ready for the big show. “Oh you know, Macklemore is next door getting ready. Imagine Dragons is next door getting ready. And Vampire Weekend…” We’re like, “We’re here. We’re good. We’ll take it.”

Koenig also had some thoughts about the frequent audience shots of Taylor Swift in the broadcast: “It’s almost like they make her dance. I think they plan it.” He says he plans on attending the Super Bowl, and then VW will take a break so each member can “start feeling like a normal person.”

In related news, below you can watch an awkward red carpet Grammy interview with MVOTC producers Rostam Batmanglij and Ariel Rechtshaid. Chris Booker clearly has never heard their music…

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  1. “If I had a dollar for every time I heard you guys on the radio….I’d probably have a lot of dollars….right?!?!….right? I’m entirely unsure right now.”

    I’m fairly certain Chris Booker thought they were Imagine Dragons.

  2. “You guys look drunk with happiness from your GRAMMY.” – Booker
    “Do we?” – Rostam

    laughing my but off!

  3. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • They’ve simply achieved a level of blog-fame wherein it’s assumed that all who read are familiar with who they are to be able to pull the cutesy name stuff off. That’s actually a pretty major compliment. They are the Vampy Weeks to Beyonce’s ‘Bey’ or Lil Wayne’s ‘Weezy’, etc. I’m sure Ez, Rost, CTom and CBai are all super psyched at the level of ubiquity they continue to achieve in 2014 blog circles. Perhaps they saw this coming and so are pushing their own take on this ‘name familiarity’ stuff with dubbing themselves (pun absolutely intended) ‘the dubs’. OR, maybe the blog really has been taken over by tweens and twinks (I know that’s not PC, but alliteration is just so dang nice sometimes). Regardless, another watershed moment in music history.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. “Vampy Weeks”, friggin’ hell

    • You’re putting way too much thought into this. It’s a fun nickname for a fun band in a headline for a casual news story on a music blog.

      And also, ‘”14 yr old girls/20 yr old gays’”? You’re seriously going to say that, in this day and age, when completely unprovoked? Basically what you’re saying is that all gay people are a) feminine (which is totally false) and b) immature to the point where they act middle schoolers when they’re well passed from high school (also completely untrue). You’re also generalizing/stereotyping two whole groups of people, so, yeah.

    • Yeah come on Carl, I raised you better then that

  4. “The dubs”?

  5. Wow that was so awkward. They wanted out of that conversation the second he made that radio comment.

  6. I, for one, am glad we have adopted Vampy Weeks, as coined by underglad earlier this week.

    Way to be self-referential, stereogum.

  7. How do they always manage to get stuck talking to people at the Grammy’s who have never heard their music and/or even worse, don’t give a rats ass about it?

  8. Don’t cross Trent Reznor.

  9. Vampy Weeks? You are not Carles!

  10. “So… it has to be pretty cool winning a Grammy AND having Batman in your last name, right?!”

  11. Oh my, what a most rousing and outrageous misunderstanding! I almost snorted into my comically small cup of raw tea just reading about the hijinks these young lads got into, whatever shall they think of next? A song about horchata? How very droll.

    And how very uncouth of Mr. Reznor to curse in such a manner. The Hilton is an honorable company most deserving of a “shout out” as the youth might say, and considering the uncomfortable hip swaying and leather jacketed posturing of this Nine Inch Nail vagabond and his posse of unkempt compatriots I did not express one iota of surprise that the Grammys did the the right thing and cut away before the minds of the young were permanently exposed to such naked aggression.

    And as for this so-called troubadour named Queens of the Stone Age? There is but one Queen, and she is not from the stone or any other age. That red headed seducer of the youth would do well to remember that, before a true man of England shows him a thing or two. Lord Mountbatten would not have stood for such impropriety.

    K-dot’s performance on the otherhand was most droll, though I shall have to ask that they do not request that I “Imagine Dragons”, they are fanciful creatures and therefore not the concern of serious minded individuals.

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