Damon Albarn - "Heavy Seas Of Love"

UPDATE: YouTube’s now available below…


It is a massive pain in the ass to hear “Heavy Seas Of Love,” the song that ends Damon Albarn’s forthcoming solo album Everyday Robots. You have to go to a website called Genero, spend a few minutes signing up, give up an email address and a bunch of info, and then stream it. And when you do stream it, there’s an irritating robot-voice drop that comes in over and over. (If you enter some sort of video contest, you’ll also get a free download at some unspecified later date.) That said, the song itself is gorgeous, a bubbling, buoyant, gospel-infused midtempo tune. Brian Eno contributes vocals.

Everyday Robots is out 4/29 on Warner Bros. Check also the title track and the live video of Albarn performing “Lonely Press Play.”

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  1. Or you could, you know, just go to Youtube.

  2. Ope – never mind, it got taken down. That was fast.

  3. I signed up with my fake email which I reserve for just this kind of thing. It’s pretty good if you ask me, shame about the watermark robot voicee. Sounds like a good closing album track.

  4. I hate when bands preview an album by sharing the closing track. I’m always really sad when I get to the end of the album and realize all of the fresh material is behind me and there is nothing new ahead to look forward to. And the first play through of an album is really foundational towards my future opinion of the album. It’s a subtle difference, but I think it’s bad marketing.

    Also, data mining your fans and forcing a robotic watermark onto your preview track is bad marketing.

  5. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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