Chrysler And Bob Dylan Super Bowl Commercial

You wouldn’t think Bob Dylan was hurting for either money or attention, but he’ll get plenty this Sunday when he’s prominently featured in two different Super Bowl ads. Billboard reports that Dylan is set to star in a Chrysler commercial, the latest in a series of Super Bowl ads that has featured Eminem, Clint Eastwood, and Berry Gordy. (Dylan has a fraught history with motor vehicles, but his music has turned up in plenty of car commercials over the years, including one for Chrysler’s Jeep Cherokee.) Meanwhile, Dylan’s 1966 Blonde On Blonde single “I Want You” is in a Chobani yogurt Super Bowl ad that’s already on the internet, and you can watch that one below. It has a bear in it.

I know a Dylan Super Bowl halftime show wouldn’t make total sense, but I would still sort of like to see one.

UPDATE: Here’s that Chrysler spot. “Let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watch, let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car…”

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  1. Wow, the use of that song does a spectacular job of representing the bear’s desire for that yogurt.

  2. In the museums, infinity goes up on trial.

  3. Nothing new here. I read a really good essay on Rock N Roll Selling Out in the book The Man Who Killed Paul McCartney. Rock selling out goes back to the 50s and Elvis.

  4. The ad right below Bob Dylan’s Superbowl commercial says “5 signs of dementia.” Coincidence?

  5. Also, I really hope someone makes a GIF of Anthony Kiedis daintily jumping off the stage at the beginning of their halftime song.

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