Young Thug - "Danny Glover"

Last week’s Mixtape Of The Week was Black Portland, the deeply weird and addictive collaborative tape from Atlanta street-rap weirdos Young Thug and Bloody Jay, and its standout track was the Young Thug solo joint “Danny Glover,” a frantic piece of intense swagger art that’s quickly emerging as Thug’s breakout hit. And now Nicki Minaj has anointed the track, adding a long and tough-as-fuck verse to the song, just as she recently did with PTAF’s “Boss Ass Bitch.” Choice punchline: “Tell Justin Timberlake I’m coming for Jessica Biel.” Listen to the remix below.

(via FADER)

Download Black Portland here.

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  1. All this Young Thug and Nicki Minaj coverage and no mention of Isaiah Rashad’s new music video or J. Cole’s new mixtape?

  2. Oh my god, does this mean Young Thug might actually get some mainstream purchase? Does this mean that Nicki is back? This is seriously the best thing to happen to rap in years.

    • Neither Young Thug nor Nicki Minaj are anywhere close to the “best thing to happen to rap in years”.

      Look, I don’t have a problem with Young Thug, but he’s just another guy doing the same thing Future got famous for. Using a weird voice and weird flow over some nice beats. This trend will pass on by in the mainstream, probably by the end of the year and we likely won’t hear from Young Thug much anymore.

      My issue is Stereogum, and other indie sites, posting stuff like this and completely excluding things that hip-hop heads are actually getting excited over. If blogs want to post mainstream stuff like this, be my guest, but I think it should be better counter-balanced.

      • hip-hop heads = Still upset the 90s are over.

      • thug was out doing this before future people are that don’t live in atlanta think that young thug is new but he was out from as early as 2009 and thats just the way young thug sound he not trying to be weird. and trust me thug will be around for years because he has been doing this he is just now getting his shine. dont assume he ah one hit wonder cause he already had his own little hits

  3. WHOA – the ghost of ’08 kanye jumping on that lollipop remix evidently just took a DUMP on a glass plate overtop of your chests. PROBABLY due to that ICE COLD beat and and A-tuned to perfection. Needed this cold carl in a big way. Off to find the mp3 (for the whip) ;)

  4. check out my remix to this track with nicki minaj and young thug,

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