Wild Beasts - "Wanderlust"

On the new Wild Beasts single “Wanderlust,” frontman Hayden Thorpe memorably sings, “Don’t confuse me with someone who gives a fuck.” You can tell he’s being real with it because his band commissioned a Factory Floor remix. The squiggly London house-goth trio has turned” Wanderlust” into an industrial-tinged seven-minute jitterfest, and you can hear their version of the track below.

Wild Beasts’ new album Present Tense is out 2/25 on Domino. The same day, they’ll also release a “Wanderlust” single that’ll feature this remix and another from the Field.

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  1. oh my I cannot wait to hear The Field’s remix

    • Just when you think a new Wild Beasts album can’t get any better… they get The Field to remix “Wanderlust”

      Hurry the fuck up and get here February!

      • Noooooooooo the deluxe vinyl with the remix 12″ is already out of stock.


        • I now realize that the news of The Field remixing a track is old. I must have missed it because I was so excited for a new Wild Beasts album.

          Can’t believe a deluxe version of an album is already “Out Of Print” one month before the album comes out.


          • That seems really odd. Hopefully Domino will put up more stock, because obviously they didn’t press enough. Otherwise I’m sure you’ll be able to grab that remix 12″ for 30 to 40 bucks at discogs—which, if you’re as fabulously wealthy as me, is just a drop in the bucket

          • When it comes to buying vinyl records I’m Bill fucking Gates.

        • I was trying to figure this out and noticed that the deluxe version is available the UK web store. I kind of wonder if it was ever “in stock” in the US store.

          • How do I UK web store!?

          • GOT IT!

            Google’d “domino record store uk” and clicked on a news link about Record Store Day. Navigated to the Releases page and saw the Deluxe LP with a Pound sign next to the price. (Not a # sign but the UK currency sign that I don’t know how to make on a keyboard. I guess I could copy and paste it… but fuck it, y’know?)

            Officially pre-ordered. It’ll probably end up costing me more in the end, but see above comment for why this won’t be an issue in the long run.

            THANK YOU PICKPOCKET! So glad I kept checking this page. I will shower you with more praise in Shut Up Dude. You just wait!

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