Against Me! on Letterman

Last week, Against Me! released Transgender Dysphoria Blues, the greatest and most purposeful rock album I’m heard in some time. Last night, the band played the Late Show With David Letterman, giving an absolutely driven rendition of the album track “Fuckmylife666” and giving many of us our first glimpse of the band’s current touring lineup. It’s a great performance, and it’s also sort of existentially affirming, since Against Me! is the sort of band that should play shows like Letterman. Watch it below.

Transgender Dysphoria Blues
is out now on Total Treble, and it rules hard.

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  1. Yeah that was great! This band puzzles me, some things they’ve released I just can’t stand and other things, like most but not all of the new album are really, really good. I guess I have Ben Lee and his versions of the songs off “New Wave” to thank for me giving them a chance at all.

  2. That black haired Swede is like a rubberband ball bouncing around, just waiting to be made into a .gif.

  3. dave’s drums reference at 3:11

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