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Well, OK, the new Trent Reznor parody song “This Is A Trent Reznor Song” isn’t as good as “Abracadabralifornia,” partly because Trent Reznor would never use a title like that and partly because Reznor hasn’t adhered too strictly to this particular songwriting blueprint over his last few albums. It still nails plenty of the tricks Reznor liberally employed in his younger years. And the song itself is sort of great? Like, something I’d listen to if it didn’t have joke lyrics? Freddy Scott, who has evidently carved that NIN logo into a desk or two in his lifetime, is the person responsible, and you can hear the song below.

(via Dangerous Minds)

If we are now entering a period of alt-rock song-parody arms race, then I am a happy man.

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  1. “Reznor hasn’t adhered too strictly to this particular songwriting blueprint over his last few albums”

    Really? This is a direct parody of both “Copy of a” and “Came Back Haunted”

    • wait crap that sounds more dickish than I intended it to

      it’s just, this does kinda sound like most of the singles from Hesitation Marks, The Slip and Year Zero

  2. It’s literally the chorus from Copy of A

  3. Okay, which one of you nerds cut class today to record a Radiohead parody to be released tomorrow?

  4. this isn’t a parody, its what they call a Literal song. Its in the same vein as those Literal Music Videos where someone is observational of the visuals and sound cues.

  5. “A heartfelt FUCK YOU guys” – Trent

  6. This is the most annoying kind of parody. Abracadabralifornia was perfection.

  7. the funny thing is TRENT REZNOR did it first….you’re just a follower lol , sounds like jealousy lol and this song sounds nothing like a NIN song lol

  8. sounds like this dude sat and used the garage band app and tried to make it sound like a NIN song, but failed miserably lol

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