It’s not a proper music video, so it’s not on this list, but Yours Truly’s series of videos from the Young Turks new years festival in Tulum, Mexico is the greatest marriage of music and moving images that I’ve seen this week. These clips — Caroline Polachek singing opera while standing knee-deep in a crystalline jungle pond, FKA twigs radiating weird energy in a ruined Mayan village — are beautiful in just about every way. You should spend some time with them. But we’re sticking, for now, with that old rigorous “music video” definition, and this week’s picks are below.

5. St. Vincent – “Digital Witness” (Dir. Chino Moya)

The “early-’60s conceptual sci-fi novel cover art” aesthetic is a strong aesthetic.

4. Chromeo – “Come Alive” (Feat. Toro Y Moi) (Dir. Alex Southam)

It’s one thing to attempt the doofy cartoony charm of the early MTV era. It’s quite another to pull it off in high-definition. Also, P-Thugg’s dancing makes me extremely happy, and Chaz Bundick looks great with the blown-out Afro.

3. MØ – “Don’t Wanna Dance” (Dir. Georgia Hudson)

If you are taking your shot at pop-star status and you’re not rocking pink fur to an auto graveyard, you probably aren’t doing it quite right. MØ is doing it right.

2. Elbow – “New York Morning” (Dir. Mark Thomas)

An absolutely lovely story of two aging people who have just always been what they are. The most romantic video of the week — except, perhaps, for the one below.

1. Shakira – “Can’t Remember To Forget You” (Feat. Rihanna) (Dir. Joseph Kahn)

Look, I’m sorry. I’m not proud of this. But certain things leave me absolutely helpless. And those things are all over this video.

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  1. I’m not going to let you off that easy Tom. I fail to see anything about that Shakira video that is entertaining enough to merit a top spot. Unless looking hot is all you need to do.

  2. Watching, not judging.

  3. I kind of like that song, so I watched. I’ll just say I’m glad you apologized.

    Also, that new St. Vincent video is awesome, awesome, awesome. So excited for that album to come out.

  4. Before I read this week’s selection, I just watched the Shakira video. I don´t even like her music at all, but that video…. wow, I need to watch it a few times more… So I undestand you a lot, Tom.

  5. the RiRi shoulder shake “oh here we go” fucking SLAYS ME.

  6. Chromeo should definitely top this, that MO song is AWFUL and why oh why did Shakira have to oretend to rock out at the end of that video? My wank was ruined.

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