Prince On New Girl

Prince hasn’t acted in anything besides music videos since his 1990 movie Graffiti Bridge. But this Sunday, Fox will air an episode of New Girl, arguably the funniest show on TV, after the Super Bowl, and Prince will guest star on that episode. (Prince presumably has Super Bowl cred because of the unbelievably fucking awesome halftime show he played a few years ago.) Fox has released some short clips from the episode, and you may watch said clips below.

(via Idolator)

Hey, maybe this will lead to a Prince collab on the next She & Him album! (This will not lead to a Prince collab on the next She & Him album.)

UPDATE: Here’s the full episode (via DDotOmen)…

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  1. Arguably the funniest show on TV?

  2. I like New Girl, but if you think it’s the funniest show on TV, you should really try to watch Parks and Recreation and Community.

  3. I really love Seasons 1-2, but the beginning of Season 3 disappointed me. Nick and Jess got a little too precious, and Schmidt just became a terrible person instead of a lovable, terrible person. Has this season gotten better though?

  4. Prince had a very small role in Fargo, so he has acted outside of videos after 1990.

    • “Despite hints to the contrary at the time of the film’s release and in the closing credits, Prince does not play the Victim in the Field; this is J. Todd Anderson, who was actually a storyboard artist on the film. This was yet another Coen Brothers in-joke, since Prince was a famous native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. To further muddle matters, this moment in the film was memorialized in a “Snow-Globe” promotion included with a special edition version of the DVD, subtly hinting that the dead victim in the snow was a famous cameo.” –

  5. Prince is the mother fucking shit. That is all.

  6. Yall can keep talking about what the funniest show on TV is. But you’re wasting your time because anybody REAL knows it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  7. i wanna know that song!! Prince- ‘Don’t You Wanna Fall In Love’ is it right?
    i can’t find that! help me

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