Speedy Ortiz - Real Hair

Last year, the Boston band Speedy Ortiz debuted with Major Arcana, an album that boasted some pointedly precise lyrics and a beautifully honed jagged ’90s-indie sensibility. It’s one of those albums that absolutely should’ve been Album Of The Week but wasn’t. (I gave it to Daughn Gibson, which was, in retrospect, dumb.) They’re already following it up with a new four-song EP called Real Hair, and it shows that they did not use up all their good songs on that first album. We’ve already posted the EP tracks “Everything’s Bigger” and “American Horror,” and now you can stream the full EP at Pitchfork.

Real Hair is out 2/11 via Carpark.

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  1. Jeez Ortiz, how many times do us non-Bostonian peeps have to remind the writers on this site that Speedy Ortiz are from Northampton, MA, and Northampton is like a solid hour and 45 minute drive away from Boston without traffic. It’s literally on the other side of the state.

  2. There’s a reason you gave AOTW to Gibson and not Speedy Ortiz: Me Moan is assloads more interesting than Major Arcana. Which is not to say that the latter is a bad album by any stretch, but it also doesn’t have any “What the fuck?” moments like Me Moan does.

  3. haha no joke

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