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After first sharing “Blue Moon,” a lovely song from his new album Morning Phase, Beck is letting the world hear another one. “Waking Light” is a soulful, twinkling, beautifully orchestrated callback to the early ’70s days of California singer-songwriter psychedelia, a time when artists like Harry Nilsson would spare no expense in piling on the symphonic layers. It’s a stunning song and you can hear it below.

Morning Phase is out 2/25 on Capitol.

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  1. Awesome song! Has me excited for the new album. Everything Beck does is different from the last thing he did, amazing how he shifts sounds like that, a lot like Bowie except Beck spends less time on each new sound. He is one of the few remaining “artist” we have working today.

  2. Stream of the album on my blog if you guys want to hear the whole thing. Just pre-order it first ;)

    • Thanks for making my morning (phase…sorry)!

    • Wow…this album is beautiful and its fantastic. Bluesy. Easily the first year end top 10 candidate.

    • I got the pleasure of listening to the album for the first time while driving out of town at 6:30am yesterday morning. Was driving Northeast, so I got to watch the sun rise completely during the span of this entire album. By the time “Waking Light” rolled in, the sun was beginning to fully peak over the horizon.

      Basically saying I’m in hardcore love with this album after that experience. “Waking Light” is without a doubt my favorite on the album. Helluva grande finale.

      • I’m glad everyone’s loving this album, I’m loving it too. To the point that it’s even changed my opinion on the album cover which now seems fitting and beautiful as opposed to dumb.

      • That’s an awesome way to get a first listen to this, I’d imagine…

        Whats so cool about this album is that it could care less about rushing into or establishing itself. Once you commit yourself to its pace, and you let it sorta drape over you, it takes on a pretty amazing and epochal energy. Perfect Spring release….

      • I’ve never really had a religious experience. The closest I’ve ever come to seeing or feeling god…is…listening to Morning Phase during the sunrise.

      • agreed – so many sea change vibes. brings me way back. :’)

  3. Can’t say anything bad about the album because it satisfies the Sea Change fan in me, but at the same time, you can’t top Sea Change.

    • I dunno man, the jury is honestly out for me here (and Sea Change is one of my top 10 or 20 albums ever), I feel like this is a really deep record and it will continue to surprise me in much the same way Sea Change did. I’m not going to say it might be better but I think there’s a chance it might be as great.

    • Yet he does, in pretty much every way. This album is amazing.

    • I’m with you, man. This is a beautiful, awesome record, but was it ever going to top Sea Change? Was that even possible? My brain says “maybe,” but my heart says “oh, no.” Especially since it lacks the gut punches of “Paper Tiger” and “Lost Cause.”

      Still though, so good. Unforgiven is the standout for me so far.

  4. Gorgeous. More than a little Moody Blues going on here.

  5. wow that was frickin’ awesome

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  7. Awesome interview on NPR. Cant wait to let this album rule my saturday mornings for the foreseeable future.

  8. This song makes me choogle.

  9. The album is “out” and after listening to it 3 times today, its defiantly a Sea Change clone. Even the first song Morning sounds like Golden Age. While it does create that lo-tempo, psychedelic atmosphere as Sea Change did, it lacks those tracks with the swelling symphonic build up and piercing emotion. Paper Tiger was the first song I heard when Sea Change was released and that song alone solidified my purchase of the album. At the time, the album perfectly conveyed my mood of the time. Morning Phase is good, not great, but its missing those extra layers that would make it more engaging. In terms of mellow Beck albums my top 3 ranking would go:

    3. Mutations
    2. Morning Phase
    1. Sea Change

  10. I’m just waiting and hoping Nelson will weigh in here…

  11. This is an incredible album. Really enjoying it.

  12. The end of this is absolutely gorgeous.

  13. I love it, but it sounds a little too much like “Guess I’m Doing Fine” from Sea Change, not that I have a problem with it, but I worry that he’s repeating himself.

  14. This sounds more akin to Mutations, which is wonderful. That’s my sentimental favorite of Beck’s for about 20 reasons. Glad to have him back.

  15. This song is a revelation. I love the coda.

  16. More reason for me to pretend he never made anything after One Foot in the Grave.

  17. I like this a lot. I am finding it hard not to sing “comfortably Numb” over parts though.

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