Bill Murray

The two members of the upstate New York duo Phantogram, like everyone else in the known universe, are Bill Murray fans. And though “Bill Murray,” a song from their forthcoming album Voices, isn’t about Dr. Peter Venkman, it does aim to capture the man’s spirit. Talking to The Atlantic, Phantogram’s Josh Carter says, “We named it ’Bill Murray’ because we always pictured a sad Bill Murray for the visuals of that song. We want him to be in the music video.” As long as Murray’s in the mood that day, this seems like a distinct possibility. “Bill Murray” is the fifth Voices song we’ve heard; it follows “Fall In Love,” “Celebrating Nothing,” “Black Out Days,” and “Nothing But Trouble.” Listen to it below.

(via The Atlantic)

Voices is out 2/18 on Republic.

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  1. now that we’ve heard half the damn record maybe it can come out now….kinda spoils the experience when labels release so many tracks before the actual release. great song though.

  2. hate to nitpick but all of the phantogram EP is on the album (4 tracks) + fall in love + this, making this the 6th song we’ve heard. and yeah, it’s a bit much imo.

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