Action Bronson Fights With Security @ Roseland Theater In Portland

Last night’s Action Bronson show at Portland’s Roseland Theater ended in proverbial and literal flames. As OregonLive reports, when the MC lit up a joint on stage, he was quickly rushed and chokeheld by a security guard, who Bronson pushed away once — to calls of “Fuck security!” from the crowd — then pushed to the ground. And with that, the show was over. The incident was captured on camera(s), and you can see it more or less in full in the two vids below. Watch.

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  2. I wouldn’t want to get between Bam Bam and his spliff.

  3. Layne Staley’s back from the grave and he’s gone straight edge.

  4. Action Bronson is a big boy. Damn.

  5. I definitely wouldn’t fuck with Bronsolino.

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