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Kids interviewing bands is a weird thing. There are a few obvious advantages. For instance: I can’t imagine why I, a professional music critic, have never asked a musician, during an interview, whether she’s ever broken a bone. That is a really interesting question! For anyone! But on the flipside: No follow-up questions! You can’t just stiffly read the questions from a piece of paper, kids! Go deeper! Anyway. The same 7th-grade girl who interviewed Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss last year teamed up with a friend and sat down with eminently likable Boston indie types Speedy Ortiz for Kids Interview Bands, and the band members gamely fielded their questions. Watch the result below.

(via Kids Interview Bands)

Speedy Ortiz’s new Real Hair EP is out 2/11 on Carpark. Stream it here.

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  1. i think its pretty clear that its not just kids interviewing, its also, kid runs the camera.

  2. As one of the dads, I couldn’t agree more about the follow up questions. We’ve been working with the girls, trying to get them to be a bit more conversational. They are working on it and, you’ve got to remember, they are just 7th graders and not trained journalists :) And, typically we use two cameras and edit the footage together. We used two on this interview but the angle at which the second camera was positioned didn’t give us good material so we had to just use the footage I shot. So, yeah, it’s not the smoothest.

  3. Philip Cosores  |   Posted on Feb 7th, 2014 +1

    Chip should hang out more often. Can you actually drop by on articles I write and leave these kinds of comments? I think it will be good for my long term mental health.

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