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Look, I tried to ignore this; I really did. But the streets demanded it. (The streets, in this case, are represented by Scott Lapatine, my boss.) Mac Miller, the frat-rap doofus who became a stoner-rap prankster, has covered the Bright Eyes song “Lua.” And he’s done it straight-up, as a faithful acoustic folk cover, with no rapping on it. I can’t tell if that’s better or worse than the alternative, especially since Miller can’t sing. If you can come up with any reasonable reason why this might exist, please leave it in the comments section. Listen below.

(via FADER)

The only way I’ll be OK with this is if it starts a trend that somehow leads to Future covering “Something Vague.”

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  1. It’s been a long, strange winter for old man Miller….

  2. I don’t think it’s all that bad. I don’t think it’s all that good either. But I don’t think it would get any attention if it were done by anyone other than Mac Miller, which is pretty lame.

  3. So dude likes this song and wanted to cover it. Who cares? The hipper than thou attitude just makes you seem like a dick, Tom.

  4. its really not bad. im not saying i want a 7″ or anything but its not awful. its ALSO not news-worthy, this is just a dude covering a song he likes…

  5. Tom could only like this less if Mac DeMarco was on it.

  6. I always thought Macklemore was the same person as Mac Miller. Is my face red.

  7. “…especially since Miller can’t sing.”

    He arguably sings just as well as, if not better, than Conor Oberst. Which isn’t a slam either way, I love the Bright Eyes version.

  8. Being high all day, every day. That’s the reason this exists. At a certain point, every idea sounds like a good idea.

  9. By the way, nothing about this is worse than those Soundcloud comments. Yikes! Who the fuck are the Beatles, amirite?

  10. For a site that finds it important to cover–and in many cases, defend–mainstream music and the artists who make it, this seems like a great opportunity to, you know, take the next step and reach out to Mac Miller–or at the very least, his camp–and ask a few questions: “Hey, Mac, what inspired you to do this cover? How long have you been a Bright Eyes fan? What other artists do you listen to that your typical fan wouldn’t suspect you of enjoying?”

    I’m surprised by the fact that Mac Miller chose to cover this song, but other than the initial, aforementioned surprise factor, I don’t get much from this re-post. I could have found this re-post on plenty of sites. What can Stereogum bring to the table that maybe other sites aren’t capable of, or simply won’t do?

    At the end of the day, I don’t think Mac’s cover is great, but I do find it compelling to think about how many people in Mac’s fan base will listen to this and TAKE THE NEXT STEP by delving into Bright Eyes’ catalogue and possibly finding more material that they like.

    • If the Soundcloud comments are any indication, his fans think he wrote the song.

      Also, artists/bands cover songs usually because it’s a song they like so it seems pretty obvious why he covered the song. I don’t see what more there is to be gleaned from this other than Mac Miller likes at least one Bright Eyes song.

      • A quick scan of the Soundcloud comments section says otherwise.

        • Going off the ones I saw on the scroll when I played it earlier today. Seemed like a bunch of oblivious comments in a row. Perhaps I paid attention to them at the wrong time.

          Either way, the point remains that there’s no need to investigate why Mac Miller covered this song. We probably already know the answer. And, ultimately, it really isn’t that big of deal to waste everyone’s time with it.

  11. Kid Rock better watch the throne.

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