St. Vincent Plays Diane Von Furstenberg's NYFW Runway Show

Earlier today, St. Vincent debuted several cuts from her self-titled fourth album in a live performance at Spring Studios during Diane von Furstenberg’s New York Fashion Week runway show. The event was webcast by Unstaged, the AMEX performance series that showed us Janelle Monáe’s live soundtrack to Rebecca Minkoff’s NYFW runway show last year. In the video below first you’ll see Annie Clark and band perform the previously unheard “Every Tear Disappears” at 1:06:33, “Prince Johnny” at 1:10:24, and current single “Digital Witness” 1:14:39 while runway models show DVF’s fall collection. Once the designer comes out to greet her audience, the models start dancing and gold confetti rains from the ceiling.

Later in the program (1:29:34), you’ll see some behind-the-scenes footage in which Clark meets von Furstenberg’s team and they discuss the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress and preparations for this event. Then, there’s a “digital encore” featuring performances of “Rattlesnake” (1:35:07), “Digital Witness” (1:40:13), “Regret” (1:43:53), and “Birth In Reverse” (1:47:41). They all sound great and you’ll wanna pay special attention to Clark’s abstract dance moves.

So, altogether three St. Vincent songs we’re hearing for the first time…

UPDATE: AMEX took down the runway show, but you can find various clips along with some of the encore below…

And this…

St. Vincent is out 2/25 on Republic/Loma Vista. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Rattlesnake”
02 “Birth In Reverse”
03 “Prince Johnny”
04 “Huey Newton”
05 “Digital Witness”
06 “I Prefer Your Love”
07 “Regret”
08 “Bring Me Your Loves”
09 “Psychopath”
10 “Every Tear Disappears”
11 “Severed Crossed Fingers”

Comments (8)
  1. Luv ya Annie, but runway rock is some bullshit.

  2. not available in your country. pfttttt

  3. This album is going to be extremely good

  4. Most of the clothes actually looked cool! The ones at the beginning reminded me of the Amok album cover…Which was pretty cool…

  5. Ok, fine. American Express, I’ll sign up for one of your cards now. You’ve convinced me.

  6. That hair!

    St.Vincent is one of those artist who to the common moron is just a girl with a fuzz-box but when you actually dig deeper so many beautiful layers to her sound and song writing, It’s probably safe to say that the self-titled album will yet again be pushing the boundaries!

  7. uhh the video you posted is only an hour and 32 minutes yet you reference performances that happen past that point.. is there another video you can link us to?

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