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We, as a society, have finally shaken off the grim specter of Jay Leno, who hosted his last Tonight Show last week. Jimmy Fallon will take over the institution and move it back to its original home in New York next week, and The Hollywood Reporter has just pointed out the ridiculously stacked first-week guests that Fallon has lined up. The first Fallon Tonight Show airs next Monday, 2/17, and U2 will serve as the first musical guest. (Will Smith, meanwhile, is the first guest-guest, and it’s entire conceivable that fellow Philadelphians/Jazzy Jeff collaborators the Roots will convince him to rap a few bars.) The rest of the week goes like this, musically: Lady Gaga Tuesday, Tim McGraw Wednesday, Arcade Fire Thursday. And somehow, Fallon has managed to wait until Friday of his first week to pull the trigger on booking his celebrity BFF Justin Timberlake, who will be the night’s only guest. Also, Fallon himself will presumably sing at some point. That guy is always singing.

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  1. The world has more than enough of its late night Timberlake fix in 2013, so I can’t see the JT-as-his-only-guest format winning him over with Leno’s older fanbase. I’ve already overheard a few dinosaurs in passing squawk about how they don’t like Fallon because he doesn’t transcend over to their audience, and dude’s going to pull that trick during his first week? Reign it back, Jimmy. You’d be better off putting Kermit on the couch for a segment instead of forcing us to endure a cut off The 20 / 20 Experience… PART 2.

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