Metronomy - "Love Letters" video

Michel Gondry is my pick for the greatest music video director of all time, and his new video for “Love Letters,” an uptempo glam-rocker from the British dance-rock group Metronomy, is the first music video he’s directed since Björk’s “Crystalline” in 2011. As someone who watches a ton of music videos, it’s a pleasure to see whatever Gondry comes up with, even if it might be a bit confounding on first viewing. This one is a long single take of the band playing the song, the camera panning around them as they’re in some sort of box, with different art and different windows on every side. Check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)

Tomorrow, Gondry, Mentronomy frontman Joe Mount, and comedian Adam Buxton will have a Google Hangout chat with fans on Metronomy’s YouTube page. Also, Metronomy’s new album Love Letters is out 3/10 on Because.

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  1. i wish you would have warned me how awful the song is

  2. It always struck me as ironic that Gondry became known for his “diy” aesthetic, since his most famous videos would never have been possible without the giant major label music video budgets of the 90s. People always assumed he was making his videos out of cardboard, when in reality, they were far more expensive than even the biggest pop videos of today. I think this video is an interesting “small scale” Gondry experiment, kind of like watching Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain. It still has all of Gondry’s charm, but feels much less epic than his most famous videos.

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