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Last week Xiu Xiu released their grisly, violent video for the Angel Guts: Red Classroom single “Stupid In The Dark,” and it ended up being our favorite video of the week. Now they have another one that needs some context before watching. Xiu Xiu just premiered their new video for the percussive, droning “Black Dick” on PornHub, and to call it NSFW is an extreme understatement. It splices together various hardcore sex clips, occasionally cutting to dogs or a few kittens. It’s a provocative and cool idea, especially if you’re familiar with the band and generally a fan of what they do, just be aware of what you’re getting into if you’re at work. You can head to Xiu Xiu’s safe-for-work site, which then provides a link to the video.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom is out now via Polyvinyl.

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  1. Everything about this headline

  2. Their site has gotten less NSFW over the year, so I’m happy (I guess?) that they’re making it uncomfortable again. They used to have a section where users could submit images of their body parts based on a monthly theme such as “ass,” “mouth,” “neck,” “chest,” and so on. They would not respond to the e-mail, but the section was removed probably because there was no way of controlling whether the pics were from the senders themselves or incidents of stolen revenge porn.

    True story, but I also once wrote to Jamie Stewart for general relationship advice when he was fielding e-mails from fans. His response was very pleasant, rational and eased my heart with hope, which when held against the Xiu Xiu body of work, is something else.

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    • What does that even mean?

      • Here’s a really helpful, to-the-point post that outlines some of the most common transphobic behaviors:


        Also, GLAAD’s website does a pretty bang up job (I think) of providing an overview of trans issues if you’re interested in learning more.

        PS: Some women have dicks! Get over it!

        • Ok – whoa. I know what transphobia is. But are you saying this video is transphobic? How? None of the list you linked is represented in the video. And if you were more familiar with Xiu Xiu I think you’d understand that they are anything but.

        • Actually, fuck that. I’m assuming you do know an adequate amount about Xiu Xiu – enough to form an opinion. Fine. Whatever.

          Fuck you for thinking that you know the following things about me: 1) I am transphobic, 2) I am cis, 3) I am not a woman, 4) I am not a woman with a dick, 5) I don’t know what transphobia is.

          Your upset because a video full of pornographic material included material with trans people in it. Good for you. No representation at any cost.

          • My B – it looked like the comment was in response to the first response, not the original comment – that is, it looked like you were asking what transphobia WAS. (the reality makes way more sense)

            And I’m a big enough Xiu Xiu fan to know that categorizing the video under “shemale” on Pornhub was more ironic or deliberately depressing than ignorant.

            For what it’s worth, the original comment was a repurposed, quaintly misogynistic Nietzsche quote.

            I give up on the internet.
            I give up on meta.

  4. Xiu Xiu, porn, and adorable kittens go together perfectly. It’s like the weirdest Ben and Jerry’s flavor ever.

  5. This is the best music video with a urethral sounding clip since the 1988 cast recording of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

  6. So if Tom felt that the video for “Stupid in the Dark” was skeevy, would this video then been considered skeezy?

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