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A couple of weeks ago, Imagine Dragons won the Best Rock Performance Grammy for their inescapable puffball “Radioactive,” beating out the Queens Of The Stone Age stomper “My God Is The Sun” in the process. And Sunday night, while QOTSA were playing Houston’s Bayou Music Center, frontman Josh Homme offered some indication of how he felt about the whole thing. Introducing “I Appear Missing,” he said, “This next song is by Imagine Dragons.” After the crowd booed, he offered this: “Fuck everything. Fuck the man. Fuck Imagine Dragons and fuck the Grammys.” He also mimed jerking off “the man,” which was fun. Homme was goofing, of course, but there has to be some seriousness behind it. Watch the video below, and you’ll get an extended “I Appear Missing” as a bonus.

(via NME)

Homme is now the second participant in the Grammys’ closing jam to say “fuck the Grammys,” after Trent Reznor. Now we just need to hear it from Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Grohl. (We will never hear it from Dave Grohl.)

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  1. I like Queens but Homme is starting to sound like a bitter old bastard with this. Who cares if Imagine Dragons wins a Grammy over Queens or not? QUOTSA still plays large venues, gets acclaim and has a ton of fans.

    • If anything he sounds the opposite. He sounds funny as always, and his commentary on the Grammy and ID is warranted because his band was lumped in with them. Making a joke does not make you an old bastard.

    • Yeah, you kind of make it sound like Homme has been bitching about this incessantly. Unless I missed something, this is the only time he’s publicly weighed in on the situation, and it was just an between song banter joke.

    • Eh, I’m a huge Queens fan and am only familiar with Imagine Dragons from whatever songs of theirs’ get play, but the rock genre needs to get over this hating each other. It’s obvious to anyone who the better band is, I can’t imagine ID getting to the point of acclaim and loyal fandom the Queens have, so why even bother? Let ‘em have their pop hit (that radioactive song sounds like good pop to me) while Queens get all the respect and glory and devoted fans. Why the anger? He’s just making an ass of himself here.

  2. What is the world coming to when you can’t insult Imagine Dragons without the entire internet weighing in? That’s not the internet I grew up in.

    But, seriously. Fuck Imagine Dragons.

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  4. imagine dragons sounds like a mediocre band from the early 00′s

  5. I will say this about Imagine Dragons. Saw about half of their set at a festival last summer, where they were the odd band out on the bill as far as their fanbase and appeal goes. Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying it… they were really good live.

    But like most of the world, “Radioactive” is pretty much just background noise to me at this point.

    • how though? since their music is garbage, how can the show be good? like they had lots of distractions on stage?

      • Lots of energy. Definitely didn’t mail anything in. Above-average performers, as far as musicianship goes. They had a bunch of huge drums (or, sure, distractions) on stage and there were numerous percussion-only parts to the show, which I thought was kinda cool. Stage setup was pretty neat-looking.

        I don’t know any of their songs other than “Radioactive,” which I’m fairly ambivalent toward, but I wouldn’t say that the other ones I heard were garbage. Not the best thing I’ve ever heard, but not the worst. Then again, I was about 12 beers deep at the time so I was pretty receptive to enjoying most things in general. I pretty much just watched them for a little bit while I ate a burrito, then I moved on.

        Glad to see Stereogum users are still giving downvotes for opinions contrary to the popular one! Never change.

        • Upvoted for a thoughtful explanation regardless of whether I agree with your assessment of said band’s talents. Read: Stop downvoting people for having opinions that don’t align with your own. Assholes.

        • Gotta agree with Ben on this one. I was just trying to hang out on the grass at Sasquatch last year, and Imagine Dragons had the main stage for ONE AND A HALF HOURS after Azealia Banks unsurprisingly cancelled.

          I was also really impressed with how good their live sound was. They had all the big drums and a lot of good guitar work that you don’t hear on the record. Afterwards, I gave the record a chance, and I was really disappointed. Maybe they’ll bloom into a fantastic jam band, but my money’s on them going the way of shit generic “rock” pop.

      • In hindsight, I may have overstated on “really good” – let’s change that to “pretty good.”

    • People are downvoting you for enjoying a performance. “That son of a bitch had an unexpectedly good time at a show. What an asshole.”

  6. I’m not even talking about quality. Were they even in the same genre category?!?!? What’s next? Bon Jovi and Watain being nominated for Best Metal?

  7. I think he meant that he doesn’t give a fuck about them, not like in a hateful way. And why would he? Homme is a living legend as fas as I m concerned, Imagine Dragons are a mediocre pop band.

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  9. “Fuck Imagine Dragons!” – said everyone

  10. Come see my new band “Contemplating Pegasus”. We’re WAY better than either of the aforementioned bands.

  11. Imagine Dragons is like the Coldplay of this decade. I don’t know which genre of rock they’d fit under cause some of their songs of this faux celtic vibe.

    • umm nah Coldplay may have sold the fuck out but they still write beautiful songs (with terrible lyrics. Really terrible fucking lyrics) Imagine dragons write average songs (with terrible lyrics)

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  13. I can think of is “Fuck Imagine Dragons, lived by the sea / And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee.”

  14. I imagined a dragon once.

  15. Another jerk “I didn’t win my grammy” spoiled, ungrateful rockhole. And he gotta pick on real live harmless milquetoasts like IG?? What’s next, Josh? Threats of a** kicking to Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches?

  16. The grammy’s robbed the world of a Josh Homme winning speech.

  17. a flying snails vagina once told me, ” ye who seeks the truth, shall crumble into a pile of grated assmeat, then be reincarnated as courtney loves bung-pit and perish with those lonley souls forever more”

    The end.

  18. Fuck Imagine dragons.

    Listen to Future of the Left.

    Especially “How To Spot A Record Company” from the latest album,How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident.

    sample lyric -
    teenage me is disappointed,
    with the fucked up record buying public,

    it will all make sense & Josh should book them for a support slot and see if he can beat there epic live set.

  19. Every time I hear that piece of shit song “Radioative” I want to fucking kill someone. Fuck Imagine Dragons? That’s being polite of him.

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