Mr. Dream - "Making Muscles"

Mr. Dream, the Brooklyn power-trio masters of seasick postpunk churn, have been working on their new album The Ultimate In Luxury (Powered By Lexus) for a while, and we’ve posted the early tracks “Fringy Slider” and “Loud Tools.” They’ve now shared another one, a heaving, swinging, merciless song called “Making Muscles (Powered By Faroe Petroleum).” For its video, they’ve edited together some ancient bodybuilding footage that fits the song shockingly well. See if you can find this guy. (This would probably be a good place to point out that drummer and producer Nick Sylvester is a very good friend of mine, but we’d be posting this regardless.) Watch it below.

The Ultimate In Luxury (Powered By Lexus) is coming sometime soon from God Mode. Also, big changes are afoot at the label, and they’ll have a new compilation soon; watch this space.

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  1. When did the album title and the song titles for this album change to reflect modern day Ott-ism?

    I’m so confused by this label lately.

    • Working theory: Godmode Records has actually just been some sort of an experiment, occasionally releasing real albums by friends, but for the most part, using Mr. Dreams’ connections with the press to pull the curtain back on how the industry works. Or something like that.

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