When Seth Meyers announced Andy Samberg’s Golden Globes win, he called it “the best night ever,” but I’m pretty sure it won’t keep that title too long. Fresh off announcing the hiring of Fred Armisen as leader of the Late Night With Seth Meyers’ band, now Meyers has got a pretty legit A-lister to kick off his first week behind the desk: Kanye West has been confirmed as a guest on the February 25 episode of Late Night. That’s a huge get, and frankly, Kanye can give a great interview. That’s got to make for a better night than just announcing that your friend has won a goddamn Golden Globe, no?

Kanye’s Late Night spot will air at 12:35 a.m. on 2/25 on NBC.

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  2. February 25th?!

    So not only are we getting 4 highly anticipated albums on that day, we get to cap it off with some Kanye on TV?

    *mind boggle*

  3. I hope Kanye wears leather jogging pants to that interview.

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