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At this late date, more than four years after Tyler, The Creator released Bastard, it’s amazing that anyone considers Odd Future to be a remotely threatening entity. And yet that’s where we are. The group was supposed to play a show with Eminem this Saturday in Auckland, but New Zealand border officials have denied them entry.

AP reports that NZ border officials consider Odd Future a “threat to public order,” citing a 2011 riot at a Boston in-store autograph signing. Border Operations Manager Karen Urwin says, “It’s not a decision we take lightly and not one that happens often.” According to Urwin, the group’s lyrics were not the reason they’ve been denied visas. She also claims that the country usually only bars entry to people like white supremacists and high-profile Holocaust deniers.

This isn’t the first time Odd Future have had trouble getting into Auckland. In 2011, the Auckland City Council barred them from performing at a date on the traveling Big Day Out festival after a local woman wrote in to complain. But hey, now Odd Future have something else to feel persecuted about!

[photo by Kenny Sun @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg]

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  1. What a very weird decision to make and based on something that happened 3 years ago!

  2. I don’t understand, especially since Silverchair’s Daniel Johns is still allowed to make music like this right under their kangaroo noses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU78NDpJt08

    • Definitely no wild kangaroos in NZ

    • First Silverchair had one great album. Second, they are from Australia. Third, kangaroos are Australian native animals. Fourth, New Zealand is the narrow country to the far right of Australia that is split into two islands. Australia is the larger island the left of New Zealand, just under Indonesia.
      Never mix up NZ and Australia. You’ll piss off two entire nations, and while pissing off NZ won’t do much, angry Aussies can make trouble.

      • angry aussies will send you to a remote island unnecessarily separate you from your family and detain you there without notice of how long you might be expected to be detained – we’re a such a fun, happy, relaxed, easy-going bunch. by the way… do you want a fight lyntonn?

  3. It’s almost ironic that a country that was (like Australia) founded by criminals now refuses to let not-real-criminals in. You’ve changed, New Zealand.

  4. I’ve lived in New Zealand all my life, and I really didn’t think border officials would give a shit about this sort of thing, but evidently they do. I feel weirdly like a parent; not angry, just disappointed.

  5. Funnily enough, Earl Sweatshirt got let in just two weeks ago

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