Chvrches Cover Arctic Monkeys

Scotland’s Chvrches have been releasing excellent covers on the regular of late, and that streak stays alive today with their in-studio version of Arctic Monkeys’ ” Do I Wanna Know?” from that band’s 2013 LP, AM. The track was performed as part of triple j’s Like A Version series, and it’s lovely. Watch/listen.

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  1. Well this is delightful

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  3. A nice little spin on the song, but they made it too… happy? Maybe that’s not the right word, but they sucked the sexiness and desperation out of the original.

  4. It’s kind of impressive how they managed to distill out everything that makes this song good.

  5. Seems fitting as it seems like every other day recently that someone is covering one of these artists or they’re covering someone else.

  6. lauren can get it

  7. I like the cover and I love all the rest.

  8. I love Chvrches but none of these covers have been any good.

    • Everyone keeps going on about how their covers lose the feeling of the original, and how that’s a bad thing, but it’s what I like about them. Completely different vibe with every cover they do. Pure, light, inoffensive synthpop. That ‘Tightrope’ cover had a little bit of an xx influence, this sounds like Gosling should be driving to it. I don’t LOVE Chvrches though, the only track of theirs I think is really great is the Curxes’ 1996 Remix of ‘Recover’.

  9. Going off on how she nailed the melody in the verses, I was kinda disappointed in how anticlimactic the chorus was. Probably could’ve benefited from more vocal effects and swelling synths as opposed to just the live version of it. Atleast a better vocal performance by Lauren although I haven’t been too impressed by the covers. They definitely do benefit from a polished studio session.

    Just patiently waiting for another “Recover” or “The Mother We Share” moment…

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