Thurston Moore - "Heavenmetal" video

Given what we now know about his personal life, it takes a lot of balls for Thurston Moore to release a video for a love song on Valentine’s day. And yet that’s what’s happening. “Heavenmetal” was a song from Chelsea Light Moving, the former Sonic Youth co-leader’s new band, but now it’s being billed as a solo track, and Moore’s got a new video for it. Director Julia Langendorff filmed the video in Paris, and it’s got Moore playing the song in a room full of candles, while a couple of young ladies witchily bond with each other. Watch it below.

(via SPIN)

Moore’s got a solo album coming out this June on Matador.

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  1. I’m glad the write-up didn’t dance around the obvious, and yeah, it’s kind of in odd taste to release this video on this day in particular. And now the conspiracy theorist in me has me wondering what the reason is behind hijacking this track under his own name.

    • I read an interview a while back where Thurston bemoaned the subpar album/ticket sales for Chelsea Light Moving and suggested that their future releases would be billed as “Thurston Moore and Chelsea Light Moving” or something like that. I wouldn’t be shocked if Matador went whole hog and re-released the album under that name; or maybe he’ll drop the Chelsea Light Moving altogether.

      Either way, I don’t think his post-SY career has been as rosy as he assumed it would be.

      • Makes sense, and I kinda had a feeling it was a “rebranding” marketing maneuver. I think Chelsea Light Moving suffered due to the timing of the negative press relating to his relationship life coming to public light, but I also think that for whatever reason (maybe aesthetic or something) people never got the connection that it was Thurston Moore’s new band. 5 years ago, buzz bands were name-dropping Sonic Youth as an influence left and right, and that’s also gone out of fashion, too, as most of the loud guitar bands are into ripping off British post-punk or whatever.

  2. ” it takes a lot of balls for Thurston Moore to release a video for a love song on Valentine’s day”

    Duh! It’s called irony. Look it up on Wikipedia.

  3. Watch “I Love Earth” by Andy Warstar here ( Enjoy & Rock On!!!!

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