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The line between music video and lyric video has blurred to the point that “Alcohol,” our second taste from the upcoming self-titled album by the Sufjan/Son Lux/Serengeti trio Sisyphus (fka s / s / s), has a “lyric video” without any lyrics in it. Instead, it features a collage-like slideshow of global scenes, celebrities, and Sisyphus members by artist Jim Hodges, whose current exhibition in Minneapolis dovetails with the Sisyphus album. As with “Calm It Down” before it, “Alcohol” lives in somewhat amorphous stylistic space; it’s a bit like The Downward Spiral-era NIN crossed with the oddball Anticon hip-hop and ornate boutique catharsis music that helped bring this group together. Check it out below.

(via Vogue)

Sisyphus is out 3/18 via Asthmatic Kitty.

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  1. These guys need to calm it down with that video. What is this, /r/WTF? (Ouch, sorry that was bad).

    But forreal, I dig this track.

    • i liked it. most music videos have me bored very quickly but this, i couldn’t look away.

      • Yeah I actually liked it a lot too. I just didn’t want to miss out on making a bad joke on the internet. I hear that’s how you become loved in this world.

        It was a cool video collage though. Definitely one of the more interesting videos I’ve seen.

  2. I sensed some lukewarm buzz surrounding Sisyphus but this track is quite good.

  3. “without any lyrics in it.” ….. 1:24?

  4. This song is really great.

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