Bleeding Rainbow Interrupt

It’s been barely a year since Philadelphia garage rockers Bleeding Rainbow gave us Album Of The Week honoree Yeah Right, but they’re already back with the follow-up next week. It’s called Interrupt, and its shoegaze/’90s alt-rock proclivities are applied to some of the most exhilarating straightforward rock songs I’ve heard so far this year. Maybe you’ve encountered a handful of them too — we’ve already shared “So You Know,” “Images,” and “Tell Me” — and now you can (and should!) hear the rest of them. Interrupt is streaming in full at Pitchfork, so drop what you’re doing and get to it.

Interrupt is out 2/25 via Kanine.

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  1. I got a No Joy (minus shoegaze) + Sonic Youth vibe out of this – really digging it, I’ll have to go and listen to Yeah Right.

  2. This band actually keeps getting better and better with each album. I feel like that’s not as common these days as it should be.

    • I started thinking about this while reading a lot of material on The Walkmen yesterday. I think one of the things that set that band apart was that they never stagnated, they were always working hard to move their music forward and put out better and better (or, at least, different) music. There’s a kind of consistency there that we don’t seem to value nowadays – I think, since the early 00′s (maybe even 90′s), we’ve kind of cultivated an obsession over the image of young geniuses that burn out after one or two brilliant albums (Interpol, Strokes, Slint, Neutral Milk Hotel, MBV etc.).

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